Master the Waters: Ultimate Far Cry 5 Fishing Bait Guide (2024)

Do you know What Is Far Cry 5 Fishing Bait?

Far Cry 5 Fishing Bait is a lure in the gameplay and you need it to catch fish. The Basic Mayfly is the initial bait option for gamers.

It serves the purpose of attracting target fish. But your fishing experience gets more exciting on Far Cry 5 once you unlock the Fisher King perk.

It brings in additional fishing bait options. Far Cry 5 fishing bait is also referred to as fishing files. There are five fishing files available in total.

Each has its unique abilities. You must get all five fishing baits if you wish to catch larger regional fish.

  •         Basic Mayfly (Free)
  •         Bass Popper
  •         Hybrid Sturgeon
  •         Salmon Egg
  •         Trout Bugger

Far Cry 5 Fishing Bait

Far Cry 5: Where To Get Fishing Bait?

Getting Far Cry 5 fishing bait is not as simple as visiting the in-game store and purchasing them. First, you will receive the Basic Mayfly without any upgrades.

It is the starting point for you if you wish to take fishing experience within the game.

Rests of the fishing baits are also not available in the store.  You need to unlock Fisher Perk bait if you wish to unlock all the bait options.

First, you need to earn some perk points. Use 4 perk points and get the Fisher King perk and you will get all the fishing bait ready to use.

Far Cry 5: How To Get Different Fishing Bait?

far cry 5 how to use bait

You can get different fishing bait with the right strategy. Besides, you don’t have any option to purchase them from the in-game store.

Basic Mayfly fishing bait comes without any cost but the rest need to be unlocked. Step by step guide on how to get different fishing bait is shared below.   

  1. Start with the Basics: Begin your fishing journey with the “Basic Mayfly.” Get used to the use of bait with a fishing rod in Far Cry 5.
  2. Earn Perk Points: Open the ‘Challenges’ option from the game menu. Check the tasks available for perk points rewards. After completing each challenge, a certain amount of perk points will be added to your inventory.  
  3. Unlock the Fisher King Perk: Navigate to the Survivalist Skill tree and invest four perk points to unlock the Fisher King Perk. This opens the door to more advanced fishing files.
  4. Unlock Fishing Bait: You have invested 4 perk points and unlocked all the Far Cry 5 fishing baits. Now, you have four baits including Basic Mayfly- Bass Popper, Hybrid Sturgeon, Salmon Egg, and Trout Bugger.

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How Do You Use Fish Bait In Far Cry 5?

You need to know the right use of fish bait in Far Cry 5 to improve your fishing experience. Right use will save you time and help you to catch fish faster.

Let’s have a look at the complete guide on how to use fish bait in Far Cry 5.

  • Basic Mayfly: It is the starting bait for general fishing. It is suitable for common fish but not ideal for more big catches.
  • Bass Popper: You need to use it for the heavier bass. This bait is effective in capturing bigger members of the bass fish family.
  • Hybrid Sturgeon: It is meant for a sizable sturgeon. This bait enhances your chances of reeling in the larger specimens.
  • Salmon Egg: You will need it for the big salmon. This bait is a go-to choice when you want to beat regional records by catching Salmon fish.
  • Trout Bugger: This bait proves useful when you target a big trout population in Far Cry 5. Use it to catch monster fish.

Far Cry 5: Fishing Bait Difference

how to change bait in far cry 5 pc

Each Far Cry 5 fishing bait difference is pretty mere. But they can still make a big difference in your fish-catching experience.

Let’s take a close look at the difference between each Far Cry 5 fishing bait and more.  

  • Basic Mayfly: The Basic Mayfly is capable of catching various fish breeds. But it is ideal only for common fish and less effective against larger species.
  • Bass Popper: It is known as the heavy Bass catcher. Even though it is designed for bass, you can also use it to attract other fish breeds as well.
  • Hybrid Sturgeon: You can guess from the name that it is bait for big sturgeon. You can use it to lure Big Sturgeon into your trap.
  • Salmon Egg: It is best suited to catch the big salmon. But it can also attract other fish varieties like the rest.
  • Trout Bugger: You need to use it for the big Trout fish. Besides, it will also work with a few other fishes.

Far Cry 5 Fishing Bait: Tips For Landing Big Fish

Far Cry 5 water bodies are full of fishes. You need to use the right fishing bait and strategy to catch big fish. Here, I am going to share with you some tips for landing big fish in Far Cry 5.

Let’s have a closer look at it.

  • Use specialized baits like Bass Popper, Hybrid Sturgeon, Salmon Egg, or Trout Bugger while targeting big fish breeds.
  • Invest in the Fisher King perk to unlock advanced fishing files, and increase your chances of successfully capturing larger fish.
  • Different regions in the game have their unique set of fish species. Choose your fishing zone based on your fish target.
  • Use Basic Mayfly only for smaller catches, because it will not work for larger and challenging fishes.
  • Patience is the key. Big fish often require more time and afford to catch.

Far Cry 5 Fishing Bait: Bait Selection For Different Types Of Fish

Far Cry 5 fishing bait selection depends on the types of fish you want to capture.

You need to have a clear idea of which bait you should choose when you are catching different species of fish. It will increase your chance of successful fish catches.

Let’s get to know about different bait for different types of fish.  

  • Rock Bass (Basic Mayfly & Bass Popper)
  • Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass (Bass Popper)
  • Bull Trout and Rainbow Trout (Trout Bugger & Basic Mayfly)
  • Arctic Grayling Salmon (Salmon Eggs & Basic Mayfly)
  • Chinook Salmon and Kokanee Salmon (Salmon Eggs)
  • Pallid Sturgeon (Hybrid Sturgeon)

Far Cry 5: How To Change Fishing Bait?

How do you get bait in Far Cry 5

Changing fishing bait in Far Cry 5 is a straightforward process. It allows you to change your fishing bait according to your fishing species. Let’s check out the step-by-step guide on how to change fishing bait in Far Cry 5.

  • Step-1: Press LB/L1 on the Console and press Q on the PC to bring up the Utility Wheel.
  • Step-2: Get to the Crafting section by pressing RB/R1. This section contains various tools and items, including your fishing rod.
  • Step-3: Scroll down to locate your fishing rod and select it.
  • Step-4: Hover over the fishing rod to reveal the fishing bait icon.
  • Step-5: Select the desired fishing bait from the menu.
  • Step-6: Finally, close the Utility Wheel by pressing LB/L1 or Q to complete the process.


You already know about different Far Cry 5 fishing bait options. The right use of bait is required to catch the big fish and unlock the best fishing rods. Basic Mayfly comes as a gift for the players. 

You need to unlock the Fisher King perk to use the rest of the available Far Cry 5 fishing baits. Pair the right fishing bait with your fishing rods and start catching big Far Cry 5 fishes anytime. Keep coming back for more updates shortly.   


Can You Buy Fishing Bait In Far Cry?

You can’t purchase fishing bait In Far Cry 5. The Basic Mayfly is freely available. You can access more specialized bait options by unlocking the Fisher King perk.

This requires four perk points by completing challenges in the game ‘Challenges’ menu.

Is Fishing Good In Far Cry 5?

Fishing in Far Cry 5 can be highly rewarding with the right tools. Use the appropriate fishing rod and lures to enhance the overall fishing experience.

Besides, it will also give you a new way to enjoy the Far Cry 5 open-world gameplay.

Does bait matter in Far Cry 5 fishing?

Bait selection does matter in Far Cry 5 fishing. The Basic Mayfly serves well for small fish but not for the big ones.  Baits like the Bass Popper, Hybrid Sturgeon, Salmon Egg, and Trout Bugger are needed to attract specific big fish species.

How do you put bait on a fishing pole in Far Cry 5?

First, you need to choose your fishing pole or bait. After that, hover over to the fishing pole in Far Cry 5 and choose the desired bait from the available options. Putting baiting on a fishing pole in Far Cry 5 is that simple.

How do you get different lures in Far Cry 5?

Far Cry 5 comes with the free Basic Mayfly lure. You can access the Bass Popper, Hybrid Sturgeon, Salmon Egg, and Trout Bugger by unlocking the Fisher King perk.

This unique perk will require four perk points earned through challenges.

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