Far Cry 5 Lieutenants: Who to Tame (or Takedown) First!

The Far Cry 5 Lieutenants influences both gameplay and narrative. At the start of the game, you have two weapon slots.

You can unlock additional weapon slots by defeating the game’s lieutenants. In this article, you will be introduced to all three Lieutenant Missions in Far Cry 5.

Besides, you will also get a deeper understanding of the Far Cry 5 storyline. In the end, it will become easier for you to progress through the gameplay time.

Let’s slide down and get to know more about the Far Cry 5 lieutenants.

Far Cry 5 Lieutenants

What is a Lieutenant in Far Cry 5?

The lieutenant in Far Cry 5 is a high-ranking member of the Eden’s Gate cult. The fanatical Joseph Seed is the leader of this cult and also the main antagonist of the game. All the lieutenants are Seed’s immediate family members.

The Seed siblings oversee a specific region of the fictional Hope County, Montana. There are three lieutenants in play and they are known as John, Faith, and Jacob Seed. The lieutenant in Far Cry 5 is also called the regional commander.

You need to confront and defeat these lieutenants to weaken their overall influence of Eden’s Gate in a given region. As you beat each Lieutenant, you will unlock new opportunities inside the gameplay time.

For example, you need to defeat a lieutenant to unlock the 4th Weapon Holster. The ultimate goal of the game is to defeat all three lieutenants and confront Joseph Seed in a climactic showdown.

Three Lieutenants in Far Cry 5

How to Unlock The Fourth Holster Perk Fast

Far Cry 5 has three lieutenants in play. They are the three formidable siblings of Joseph Seed.

Here, you will get to know about John Seed, Faith Seed, and Jacob Seed in detail. Get to know about them and make your game more engaging.

John Seed:

John Seed is Joseph’s younger brother. He is in command of the Holland Valley region. The cult’s militant force Peggies is under his command. You will need 13,000 Resistance Points (RP) to initiate a confrontation against him.

Once you reach this threshold and start reducing the influence of the lieutenant, you will be kidnapped. The next level is a dramatic escape from cultists and a face-off against John Seed.

Faith Seed:

Faith Seed is Joseph’s only sister. She commands the cult’s propaganda efforts in Henbane River. You must gather 13,000 RP to confront Faith Seed.

The encounter is a psychological challenge because of the hallucinating grip. You need to escape the hallucinating effect and defeat the female lieutenant.

Jacob Seed:

Jacob Seed is the elder brother of Joseph Seed. He oversees the cult’s training and recruitment in Whitetail Mountain.

The veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division requires 10,000 RP to be unlocked. Escape the cult’s clutches and start the main battle against the lieutenant.


Far Cry 5 Lieutenant Locations

You need to have a clear idea about Far Cry 5 lieutenant locations to level up faster through the storyline.

Without eliminating the three lieutenants, you will not be able to face the main antagonist of the gameplay (Joseph Seed).

The main locations of Far Cry 5 lieutenants are pointed underneath.

  • John Seed: He commands the Holland Valley region. You must have 10,000 Resistance Points to unlock the storyline.
  • Faith Seed: She controls the cult’s propaganda efforts in Henbane River. Prepare to collect 13,000 RP to confront the game character.
  • Jacob Seed: He oversees the cult’s training and recruitment in Whitetail Mountain. You need to accumulate 103,000 Resistance Points to face him.

How to Find Lieutenant in Far Cry 5?

Lieutenant in Far Cry 5 plays a major role in the game. You can find each lieutenant in a different region and a new game storyline.

Simply progress through the main storyline of Far Cry 5, and complete missions and objectives.

As the story unfolds, you will encounter the three lieutenants—John, Faith, and Jacob Seed. Each lieutenant brings in a unique set of challenges for players. As you progress in the game, you will earn resistance points.

When you have the required resistance points to fight against the Lieutenant, you no longer need to search for the Lieutenant.

The Far Cry 5 lieutenant will force you to play against one of the lieutenants. A manual search is not required for the Lieutenant in Far Car 5.

Benefits of Killing Lieutenant

Benefits of Killing Lieutenant

Killing a lieutenant in Far Cry 5 opens up new opportunities for you. It will provide you with additional advantages in the gameplay.

Some of the best benefits of killing lieutenants are shared underneath. Slide down to the main details.

New Weapon Slot:

One of the immediate benefits of killing a lieutenant is the expansion of your weapon slots.

More slots will be unlocked and allow you to carry a more diverse array of weapons. It will directly impact your combat capabilities.

Perks Unlocked:

Each lieutenant’s defeat unlocks unique perks. It will add valuable enhancements to your character.

For example, you can see an increase in your health. You need these perks to face the challenges presented by the Eden’s Gate cult.

Progress to Face Main Antagonist

Each victory against a lieutenant takes you closer to Joseph Seed. You progress to the deeper layers of the Far Cry 5 story plot. Start killing Far Cry 5 lieutenants and get closer to a final confrontation.

Far Cry 5 Which Lieutenant To Kill First?

Every lieutenant has a different difficulty level in the gameplay. You need to make the right choice of which lieutenant to kill first.

It will make the gameplay easier for you. There are three lieutenants – John Seed, Faith Seed, and Jacob Seed as your target.

John Seed is the first lieutenant you need to kill. He holds the smallest zone in Hope County known as Holland Valley.

10,000 RP will unlock the John Seed storyline and you are bound to face the lieutenant. It is better to kill Lieutenant John Seed first before confronting any other lieutenants.

How to Kill a Far Cry 5 Lieutenant?

Eliminating Far Cry 5 lieutenants is part of liberating Hope County from the grip of the Eden’s Gate cult. Successfully killing/beating a lieutenant requires strategic planning.

Let’s check out the best way to kill a Far Cry 5 Lieutenant.

  1. Collect Resistance Points: You must have 10,000 – 13,000 Resistance Points (RPs) to initiate a showdown with a lieutenant. Engage in various activities and weaken the cult’s influence in their respective regions.
  2. Story Mission Abduction: As resistance points are collected, you become a target of the cult. The lieutenant recognizes you as a threat and orders your abduction. This initiates a story mission where you must escape the clutches of cultists or hallucinatory landscapes.
  3. Survive and Confrontation: Surviving the abduction mission is tough. After that, you will have the final confrontation with the lieutenant. Be prepared for intense battles and challenges against each lieutenant. Once you defeat all the lieutenants and liberate the region, you will face the main antagonist of the gameplay.

How Do You Defeat A Lieutenant In Far Cry 5?

In Far Cry 5, your main mission is to liberate Hope County from the cult’s lieutenants. They are powerful antagonists that you need to confront to proceed further.

The whole process of defeating a lieutenant in Far Cry 5 is shown below.

  1. Start collecting Resistance Points (RP) as you progress through the game.
  2. As Resistance Points reach the required threshold, a story mission will start where you need to escape from cultists or hallucinations.
  3. After overcoming these challenges, you will progress to the final confrontation with a lieutenant in Far Cry 5.
  4. Use tactical strategies and environment to your advantage to defeat the lieutenant in intense battles.
  5.  In the end, victory will unlock new perks, expand weapon slots, and more.

Far Cry Lieutenant Defeated Co-Op

Co-Op play is a new way to enjoy the Far Cry gameplay. You can defeat a lieutenant in Far Cry 5 with a co-op partner with the right strategies.

Coordinated diverse combat skills and combined efforts can easily defeat any lieutenant.

But you need to have a strong bond as a Far Cry 5 game partner. Otherwise, defeating Far Cry 5 lieutenant will get harder with a co-op.

As each lieutenant falls, cooperative victories will unlock perks and weapon slots for the host.

How to Unlock The Fourth Holster Perk Fast?

How to Unlock The Fourth Holster Perk Fast

Far Cry 5 4th Weapon Holster needs to be unlocked by defeating a lieutenant. There are three lieutenants – John Seed, Faith Seed, and Jacob Seed.

Lieutenant Jacob Seed is a better strategic choice for you. Let’s slide down and get to know the process of unlocking the fourth Holster Perk faster.

Step-1: Level Up to Level 4

You need to level up to Level 4 to confront a lieutenant. Play through the game, complete the mission, liberate the outpost, and engage in activities to level up faster in Far Cry 5.

Step-2: Collect Resistance Points

You will need resistance points to begin the Lieutenant mission storylines. Jacob Seed’s storyline will be unlocked at 10,000 RP.

He also has the smallest territory in command in comparison to other siblings. So, he is the easiest target in hand for you to unlock the fourth Holster Perk.

Step-3: Confront and Defeat Jacob Seed

Once you have enough resistance points and reach level 4, you are ready to engage in a face-off against Jacob Seed. Defeat the lieutenant and the fourth Holster Perk will be unlocked in no time.


You already know what a lieutenant is in Far Cry 5. The challenging landscape of Hope Country is in command of three lieutenants and their boss Joseph Seed.

You will be able to confront Joseph Seed once you have defeated all three lieutenants.

Besides, they will also unlock new perks and weapon capabilities. The battle will provide you with a thrilling gaming experience and a compelling storyline narrative.

Make the best strategies and come victorious against the powerful Far Cry 5 lieutenants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can’t I buy Holster Perk even after beating the Lieutenant?

You need to defeat the Far Cry 5 lieutenant as the host player of the game. Otherwise, you will not be able to buy the Holster Perk after defeating a Far Cry 5 lieutenant. You might have beaten the lieutenant as a co-op partner.

Is it possible to avoid the mission to kill the Lieutenant?

When Far Cry 5 Resistance Points (RP) reach the threshold, confronting the lieutenant becomes inevitable. The game mandates this progression.

But PC players can use the mod version to slow down the RP collection and further delay the mission to kill the lieutenant.

What did Joseph do to Faith Seed?

Joseph Seed drugged, and manipulated Faith Seed into becoming his “sister”. He gave her a dose of scopolamine and manipulated her to the role of his sister. This manipulative relationship is seen in the storyline of Far Cry 5 and 6.

Who is the hardest Lieutenant in Far Cry 5?

Faith Seed is known as the hardest Lieutenant in Far Cry 5 to beat. She is in command of the Henbane River region.

You will face multiple difficult combat situations and aggressive enemies. So, Faith Seed is the most challenging lieutenant in Far Cry 5 compared to the other two.

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