Far Cry 5 Review: A Deep Dive into Hope County’s Mayhem

Overview Of Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto. It is a first-person shooter game in the fictional Hope County, Montana. The open-world game was released worldwide in 2018. The storyline starts with Project Eden’s Gate.

It revolves around the player’s resistance against Seed and his three lieutenants. Besides, it also draws inspiration from real-world socio-political events like the Cold War and the 9/11 attacks. As a player, you will be asked to navigate through a hostile landscape and engage in intense firefights against cultists.

Reviewer’s Perspective

far cry 5 review

Far Cry 5 has gained mixed reviews upon its release from a reviewer’s perspective. Some reviewers praised the engaging storyline and well-crafted characters. However, some have concerns about the repetitiveness of the gaming experience.

The forced mission progression has also received criticism. It gives you restrictions on personal mission preferences. Despite these drawbacks, many reviews found the game highly enjoyable. The open-world environment and tough villains also add to its appeal.

Far Cry 5 Co-Op

Far Cry 5 introduces a Co-Op gameplay experience. It allows players to team up with friends for a shared adventure. One player serves as the host and invites others to join the Far Cry 5 co-op session. But there is a big drawback too.

Only the host’s mission progresses but not the invited player.  Despite this limitation, the cooperative mode creates a strong sense of partnership. It will assist you in teamwork against the cultist and complete the mission faster.

Far Cry 5 Endings

Far Cry 5 ending occurs after the final battle against Joseph Seed. In this particular conclusion, Joseph and the cultists lose control over Hope County. In the end, you have finally liberated Hope County from the Seed Family control.

Far Cry 5 Weapons

Far Cry 5 Weapons

Far Cry 5 has a diverse weapons arsenal. It gives players versatile options for combat situations. You can choose new weapons according to your gaming strategy. A full list of Far Cry 5 weapons is shared down below.

Melee Weapons:

  • Baseball Bat
  • Aluminum Bat
  • Spiked Bat
  • Shovel
  • Brass Knuckles


  • 1911
  • P226
  • 44 Magnum
  • SMG-11


  • M133
  • SBS
  • SPAS-12
  • Submachine Guns:
  • MP5K


  • AC-R
  • 45/70
  • AKM-S

Sniper Rifles:

  • AR-CL
  • MBP .50
  • 308 Carbine

Machine Guns:

  • M60
  • M249

Special Weapons:

  • Flamethrower
  • Compound Bow

Far Cry 5 Achievements

Far Cry 5 Achievements

Far Cry 5 has a total of 72 achievements. You can complete all of them to achieve 1,695 gamerscore. On the other hand, The Xbox One Far Cry 5 achievements number is a little low. It includes 50 achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

But you have the option to unlock an additional 22 achievements worth 695 gamerscore in four DLC packs. In Far Cry 5 achievements, you will have missions like “Science Fact”, “Who are these people?”, “Be deemed the Sin of Wrath,” “Only You,” “Together Forever,” and many others.

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Far Cry 5 Locations

Far Cry 5 storyline starts in the fictional Hope County. Different zone of the game has different names. When you are reading the Far Cry 5 review, you need to know about the important Far Cry 5 locations. Some names of notable locations are shared below.

  • Dutch’s Island: This area of Far Cry 5 gives a tutorial for players.
  • Holland Valley: A lush valley is considered the best settlement in the game.
  • Henbane River: It is dominated by one of the Joseph siblings. You will find here a distillery and a crop farm.
  • Whitetail Mountains: A mountainous region with militia resistance. It offers key spots such as a hunting lodge and a ranger station.
  • Faith’s Region: It is controlled by a cult leader Faith Seed. In this area, you will see a prison and a drug lab.

Far Cry 5 Animals

Far Cry 5 Animals

Animals in Far Cry 5 make the game more engaging. You have the option to hunt them and sell them for some quick bucks. A small list of Far Cry 5 animals is shared down below.

  • Boomer: A companion to aid players in combat.
  • Cheeseburger: An immune-to-fire bear companion in battles.
  • Peaches: A cougar companion available for recruitment.
  • Deer, Moose, and Elk: Hunt for their meat and skins. Also needed for Far Cry 5 crafting.
  • Bison: Hunt these creatures for resources and complete a side mission. featuring them.
  • Wolves, Coyotes, and Cougars: Creatures that can be hunted for resources and pose threats to players.
  • Fish: The game includes various fish species catchable for sale.

Far Cry 5 Music

Far Cry 5 music is a blend of original compositions and licensed tracks. The game’s original soundtrack is composed by Dan Romer. He skillfully weaves Americana and Folk influences into Far Cry 5 gameplay music.

In total, the album consists of 31 songs and helps to create real emotion in the game. The in-game radio stations bring in classic rock and country music. Additionally, the ‘Into The Flames’ soundtrack features 12 songs.

Far Cry 5 Vehicles

Far Cry 5 Vehicles

Far Cry 5 has an open-world environment where you will need some vehicles for transportation. You will have the option to ride on cars, trucks, vans, quads, and airplanes. More about them is shared down below for you.

  • Salacia RHIB-Z800: A fast boat for navigating rivers and lakes.
  • Quad-State Area: A bike for off-road exploration and combat.
  • Uncle Sam: A classic American muscle car for high-speed chases and combat.
  • Widowmaker: A heavily armed and armored truck suited for heavy-duty missions.
  • The Bootlegger: A fast car designed for street races.
  • 1973 SSR: A vintage muscle car for high-speed chases and combat.
  • 2011 Kimberlite 4WD: A rugged SUV for off-road exploration and combat.
  • 2012 Zugspitz Scavenger: A versatile pickup truck for transporting goods and combat.
  • 2014 Adjudico Mastodon XZT: A heavy-duty truck for transporting large loads and combat.
  • 2010 Hierarch V200: A luxury sedan for high-speed chases.
  • 1981 Kimberlite K150: A classic sports car also perfect for high-speed chases.

Far Cry 5 Crafting

Far Cry 5 introduces a complete crafting system. Players have the option to craft a limited number of items in Far Cry 5. You can use resources scattered throughout the game world and some of them are pointed down below.

  • Fasteners: Essential for crafting dynamite, and explosives.
  • Casings: Used in crafting dynamite and remote explosives.
  • Nitros: Also used for crafting dynamite, and explosives.
  • Blasting Caps: Necessary for crafting explosives and dynamite.
  • Liquor: You will need it for crafting Molotov.
  • Oregano: Key component for crafting bliss oil.
  • Jimson Weed: Essential for crafting the fast homeopathic.
  • Mustard: Used in crafting the ultimate hunter homeopathic.
  • Lupine: Required for crafting the ultimate survivor homeopathic.
  • Bliss Oil: An essential ingredient for crafting the furious and ultimate survivor homeopathic.

Far Cry 5 Downloadable Content

Far Cry 5 review will also share with you the Far Cry 5 DLC options. You can take them into use to enhance your gaming experience. The Main Far Cry downloadable content is shared below for you.

  • Season Pass: This DLC package has three expansions – Hours of Darkness, Lost on Mars, and Dead Living Zombies. It can also come with additional weapons, vehicles, and outfits.
  • Hours of Darkness: This DLC introduces fresh weapons, vehicles, and a compelling new storyline.
  • Lost on Mars: This DLC takes players to the road of the Red Planet. It gives players a unique experience with new weapons, vehicles, and a storyline set on Mars.
  • Dead Living Zombies: Battle of zombies with a new narrative. You will also get fresh weapons and outfits.
  • Deluxe Pack: This Far Cry 5 downloadable content includes additional weapons, vehicles, and outfits.

Storyline of Far Cry 5

Players in Far Cry 5 find themselves in the fictional Hope County. The storyline is about a cultist group that has taken over the country. You need to fight against the cult rulers in three different zones and free the Hope County area. A complete plot summary is shared below.

– Plot Summary

The project at Eden’s Gate has taken over Hope County. The whole group of cult is led by Joseph Seed. Initially, the Deputy Sheriff failed to arrest Joseph Seed, and the rule of cultists started in the County. First, you will confront Joseph’s siblings – John, Jacob, and Faith.

Each lieutenant oversees a specific region on Far Cry 5. As the game progresses, you need to complete many side missions and gain RP. After that, you will face the Lieutenants and defeat them one by one. The climax fight is against Joseph Seed and also your final mission on the Far Cry 5 gameplay.

– Characters And Characterization Details

Far Cry 5 introduces many different characters. Each has their part to play in the storyline. Some characters are interactive with players and some just play a side role. Have a look at the main characters of Far Cry 5.

  • The Junior Deputy: A protagonist character who attempted the arrest of Joseph Seed.
  • Joseph Seed: He leads the doomsday cult Project at Eden’s Gate and is the main antagonist.
  • John Seed: Joseph’s younger brother, and responsible for the cult’s legal affairs.
  • Jacob Seed: The elder brother of the Seed Family and believes in survival of the fittest.
  • Faith Seed: Joseph’s adopted sister who oversees the cult’s spiritual domain. She is a manipulator and utilizes the drug “bliss” to control followers.
  • Hudson: A tough and no-nonsense U.S. Marshal assisting the player in the storyline.
  • Nick Rye: Loyal pilot, who joins the resistance against the cultists.
  • Grace Armstrong: A former soldier with sniper skills in the fight against the cult.
  • Hurk Drubman Jr: A comical loyal character in the resistance team. Often unknowingly creates trouble for teammates.

– Villains And Antagonists

Villains And Antagonists far cry 5

The Seed Family takes center stage as the antagonists. Each has a unique personality and motive in the storyline. Some of the main villains and antagonists in Far Cry 5 are shared in detail down below.

  • Joseph Seed: The central figure and main antagonist. He is also known as the ‘Father’ among cultists.
  • John Seed: Joseph’s younger brother in charge of Holland Valley.
  • Jacob Seed: He is the elder brother and head of the Whitetail Mountains.
  • Faith Seed: Joseph’s adopted sister who controls the Henbane River.

Gameplay And Mechanics

Far Cry 5 gameplay and mechanics offer a first-person shooter gaming experience. You have the option to approach Far Cry 5 challenges strategically. The vast play zone of Hope County is full of diverse missions and open explorations. More about them is shared below.

Combat System

Far Cry 5 has a diverse combat system in play. You can go with stealth mode for silent takedowns and melee combat. Besides, you can also unleash firepower with an extensive range of firearms and explosives.

The right combat system depends on your situation in the gameplay. Patience in players always helps them to overcome the challenges of Seed Family at ease. Make proper use of vehicles, throwable weapons, and mounted firearms. It will assist you in tackling both hostile cultists and wildlife of Hope County.

Map And Missions

far cry 5 skunk map

Far Cry 5 comes with different maps and missions. You need to complete different missions in different parts of the map. So, you need to have a clear idea about the Far Cry 5 map and missions. Let’s take a closer look at them.


  • Map Genie’s Interactive Map: An all-encompassing tool covering Cult Shrines, Perk Magazines, Vietnam Lighters, Prepper Stashes, and more. It includes a handy progress tracker for those aiming for 100% completion.
  • Montana-focused Map on Map Genie: This map reveals Cult Outposts, Shrines, Silos, Wolf Beacons, and an array of collectibles like Baseball Cards, Bobbleheads, and Perk Magazines.
  • IGN’s Far Cry 5 Map – Montana: IGN provides an interactive map of Montana. You can use it to check locations for missions and additional activities such as Base Jumps and Easter Eggs.
  • Steam Community Guide: A map guide for Outpost Locations, Hunting Spots, Prepper Stash Locations, Fishing Points, and Cult Property Locations.


  • Cult’s Compound (Joseph Seed): It is the cult’s central stronghold. You will face here dangerous Joseph Seed and disrupt his grip on the region.
  • Dutch’s Island (Dutch): An important mission to liberate Dutch’s Island from the cult’s oppressive control. It will start the sequence of broader resistance against the Seed Family.
  • Holland Valley (John Seed): You will engage here in various missions against John Seed and his cultists.
  • Henbane River (Faith Seed): Immerse yourself in missions across the Henbane River. You will combat Faith Seed’s spiritual influence and liberate the region from her manipulative control.
  • Whitetail Mountains (Jacob Seed): In a series of missions, you must confront the military might of Jacob Seed to reclaim Whitetail Mountains.

Side Activities & Collectibles

Far Cry 5 developers always try to make the game more engaging. Side activities and collectibles are meant to keep your playtime fun in the gameplay. Things that you can collect and main side missions or activities are pointed down below.

Side Activities:

  • Bear Necessities: Assist a bear cub in reuniting with its mother. Follow through the wilderness and become part of a family reunion.
  • Patriot Acts: Join forces with citizens to dismantle a cult outpost. It is part of showcasing teamwork in the gameplay.
  • Stunt Activity–Spray and Pray: It is a vehicle mission in Far Cry 5. Demolish cult property while in a car and avoid obstacles on the road.
  • No Means No: Aid a woman to escape from a cult compound. Give her safety and ensure her freedom from the cultists.
  • Cow Punching: Help a distressed farmer to retrieve his cows from a cult compound.


  • Baseball Cards
  • Comic Books
  • Cheeseburger Bobbleheads
  • Vietnam Lighters
  • Vinyl Crates
  • Whiskey Crates
  • Cult Shrines
  • Perk Magazines
  • Prepper Stashes

Graphics And Performance

Far Cry 5 Achievements

Far Cry 5 delivers a great blend of graphics and performance. The game is designed to run smoothly with systems capable of handling Far Cry 4. In this Far Cry 5 review, I am trying to show you the real picture of Far Cry 5 and I find the graphics quality stunning and optimized gameplay performance.

Visuals & Animation Quality

Far Cry 5 gives exceptional attention to lighting and photogrammetric textures. The environment design is also rich in detail. However, some of you may encounter occasional blurry visuals in specific areas. Besides, the facial character animations have also received mixed feedback.

Critics praise the game’s visual strengths but are slightly worried about the inconsistencies. But the constant 30fps gameplay will provide a stable gaming experience. But some of you may desire higher frame rates for smoother motion.

Audio Quality & Music Score

Far Cry 5 is known for its exceptional audio quality and music score. The gospel music enhances the atmospheric richness of the game. Besides, the choral renditions contribute to the emotional depth of key moments.

Composer Dan Romer’s work is particularly praised for capturing the essence of the game’s themes. Realistic sound design merges players in the game world. Sharp echoes of gunfire, wildlife sounds, and explosive blasts also create an authentic experience.

Replayability & Content Variety

Far Cry 5 has a high level of replayability and content variety in open-world design. The landscapes are taken into use to complete missions, side quests, and other challenges.

You will have various enemy encounters and also collectibles exploration. The Far Cry 5 gameplay has vast challenges and a storyline waiting for you to uncover.

Modes Of Play Available

Far Cry 5 comes up with two different modes of play – Single Player and Multi-Player Mode. The right play modes depend on your mission and personal preference. Both modes will be needed to proceed through the Far Cry 5 storyline.

  • Single Player Mode: You will play alone in this mode without any co-op assistance. Make your battle strategies and fight against the cultists.
  • Multi-Player Mode: It is the co-op play mode of Far Cry 5. You can join in Far Cry 5 combat by accepting invitations from your friends or become a host and invite your friend for a battle.  

Why Is Far Cry 5 Different?

Far Cry 5 is part of the Far Cry series. It brings a new storyline to the gaming franchise. You will fight against the Seed Family and do side activities. Fishing side activities are also first introduced in Far Cry 5 gameplay.

You will have more vehicles and weapon choices in comparison to Far Cry 4. Most of the players love the engaging storyline and the character’s depth. Far Cry 5 world experience is different from any other first-person shooter game.   

Good And Bad Of Far Cry 5

far cry 5 gameplay

Far Cry 5 is staged in a fictional place called Hope County. You get an open-world environment to explore and fight against the cultists. The popular gameplay has both good and bad sides. Some of them are bullet-pointed down below.   

The Good:

  • The game has an open-world environment with diverse landscapes.
  • Players can engage in side activities and collect valuables. 
  • Far Cry 5 has a compelling narrative and a well-constructed character line.

The Bad:

  • Some players may find awkwardness in character animations. (low visual)
  • Co-op progression happens to the host player and limits the advancement of non-host players.
  • At times, inconsistencies in enemy interaction and movement may disrupt the smooth gameplay experience.


You are at the end of the Far Cry 5 review. I tried to show you what kind of game Far Cry 5 is and what you can expect in the gameplay. If you are looking for a new game to enjoy with a storyline then you can try on Far Cry 5.

Start the open-world exploration and engage in multiple in-game activities. There is no end to the fun of Far Cry 5 open-world environment. It is a memorable addition to the Far Cry series. Stay with us for more updates shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Far Cry 5 Still Worth It?

Far Cry 5 remains a worthy addition to the series. It has a compelling narrative and engaging missions. The game open world is vast and a solid choice for both fans of the Far Cry franchise.

Is Far Cry 5 A Hit Or Flop?

Far Cry 5 is undoubtedly a hit. So far, 25 million copies of Far Cry 5 have been sold. The game has widespread popularity and name in the gaming industry. The impressive sales figure confirms Far Cry 5 is a hit.

Is Far Cry 5 Difficult To Play?

Far Cry 5 is not overly challenging to play. The gameplay does not demand advanced skills and is accessible to a broad audience. With a user-friendly approach, the game requires only a few skills that virtually anyone can learn.

Is Far Cry 5 A Zombie Game?

Far Cry 5 is not a zombie game. But it offers a unique twist with the expansion called Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies. This additional content introduces a zombie-themed version. You can download it if you wish to play Far Cry 5 in a zombie theme.

Is Far Cry 5 Based On A Real Place?

Yes, Far Cry 5 is based on a real place – Montana, USA. The game’s setting draws inspiration from the picturesque landscapes, diverse environments, and cultural elements found in Montana. This real-world foundation contributes to Far Cry 5 open-world design.

Is Far Cry 5 An Open-World Game?

Yes, Far Cry 5 is an open-world game. You will have the vast landscape to explore in Far Cry 5. The open-world environment will give you more freedom of exploration and side activity choices.

Is There A God In Far Cry 5?

In Far Cry 5 and its sequel Far Cry New Dawn, the enigmatic figure known as the “Voice of God” plays a significant role in the narrative. However, the games do not openly talk about the existence of a traditional God.

Is Far Cry 5 Scary?

Far Cry 5 can create a sense of fear for some players. Enemies are lurking around every corner and sometimes horror music can drop your jaw too. Far Cry 5 certain missions also have tense environment settings for the players.

Is Far Cry 5 A Hunting Game?

Far Cry 5 is not solely a hunting game. You can engage in hunting activities to earn in-game cash by capturing and selling wildlife. This part adds realism to the open-world gameplay.

Does Far Cry 5 Have A Post Game?

Far Cry 5 presents a standalone narrative. Each Far Cry series introduces a new storyline. Far Cry 5 does not have a post-game connection to Far Cry 4 or any previous installments. 

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