Hook All! How To Catch Far Cry 5 Fishing (Beginner To Pro!)

Fishing is sometimes a relaxing activity within the Far Cry 5 gameplay. It is a kinda break from the intense open-word movement. I am going to share here the steps on how to catch fish in Far Cry 5.

Let’s take a closer look at it. 

1. Prepare For Fishing

Select the right fishing rod and lure. After that, head to your chosen water bodies. It can be a lake, river, or pond. Fish locations are scattered throughout the Hope County zone.

2. Cast Your Line

Once you are in the right fishing spot, press ‘Cast Line’ to cast your bait into the water. Don’t cast near the shores. Try to cast the fishing bait in the middle of the water areas.

3. Reel In Your Catch

Once you sense a fish biting, start reeling in your Far Cry 5 fish. Face the rod opposite to the fish’s movement to maintain control. Otherwise, the fish might get snapped off from your rod.

4. Avoid Line Tension

Keep an eye on the fishing line. If it turns red, release L2 to avoid snapping the line. Do it until the line gets green. Fishing line tension management is important for a successful catch.

5. Bring The Fish Closer

Continue the reeling with proper adjustment. Change your reeling strategy based on the fish’s movements. Gradually, the fish will get closer. You will eventually complete your first fish catch in Far Cry 5 gameplay.

How To Catch The Admiral Far Cry 5?

Catching “The Admiral” in Far Cry 5 is no ordinary feat. It requires lots of right strategies to complete the procedure. Besides, you also need to show some patience.

A step-by-step guide to catching the Admiral Far Cry 5 fish is shared below:

1. Use the Right Bait

You will need the Hybrid Sturgeon bait. It is specifically designed to attract “The Admiral.Unlock this bait before you plan to catch this challenging fish.

2. Locate The Admiral

The Admiral fish is only found in specific water bodies. Skylar will come here for your assistance. She will provide you with a map pinpointing the location of this extraordinary fish. It is part of the three missions that you need to fish to unlock the Wonderboy fishing rod.

3. Cast Your Line

Get to the Admiral Fish location. Throw your line into the water. Once you feel a bite, the challenge begins for the big catch.

4. Better Tension Control

As you start reeling, pay attention to the reeling line. If the fish moves forward, left, or right, immediately steer the rod in the opposite direction.

Yank the rod to change direction swiftly. If the tension gauge turns red, release the reel temporarily until it’s green again. Then, resume reeling in.

5. Close In on The Admiral

The fish will get tired over time. Continue the dance of reeling and controlling tension until The Admiral gets closer and finally surrenders. Successfully catching The Admiral brings in the reward of Wonderboy rod.

What Types Of Fish Can You Catch In The Game?

Various fish species wait in the water zone of Far Cry 5. Each area is home to different fish species. You need to know about them when you plan to catch them.

Take a look at the types of fish that you can catch in Far Cry 5.

  • Arctic Grayling Salmon
  • Chinook Salmon
  • Kokanee Salmon
  • Bull Trout
  • Golden Trout
  • Lake Trout
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Rock Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Paddlefish Sturgeon
  • Pallid Sturgeon

The Best Fishing Spots In Far Cry 5                                                   How To Catch Fish in Far Cry 5

You have the right gear for the Far Cry 5 fishing. It is time for the best fishing spots in Far Cry 5. Here, you will get to know the prime fishing spots across Hope County.

It will help you to understand which fishing spot you should target for specific fish species.

  • Arctic Grayling Salmon: Ponds in the southwestern edge of Jacob’s region.
  • Chinook Salmon: Northwest of the F.A.N.G Center.
  • Kokanee Salmon: Southwestern edge of Cedar Lake.
  • Golden Trout: Silver Lake in the F.A.N.G Center.
  • Bull Trout: North and west of Longford Lake.
  • Lake Trout: North of Fort Drubman, Wishbone’s Lake.
  • Rainbow Trout: South and West of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm.
  • Paddlefish Sturgeon: Southwest of Rye and Sons Aviation in the southern extent of Holland Valley.
  • Pallid Sturgeon: South of the Lamb of God Church.
  • Rock Bass: Rock Bass Lake in the Henbane River region.
  • Largemouth Bass: Henbane River region.
  • Smallmouth Bass: Near two gun stores in the Henbane River region.

How much does it cost to get started fishing in Far Cry 5?                     

It does not cost much to get started fishing in Far Cry 5. Entry into this fishing adventure can be free. You will find the Basic Fishing Rod beside various water bodies within the game. Alternatively, the Basic Fishing Rod can be purchased for $300 from in-game stores.

The Basic Mayfly fishing bait is also available for free. This straightforward process makes your Far Cry 5 fishing experience less complicated. You can start fishing in Far Cry 5 without breaking the bank.

Tips For Successful Fishing In Far Cry 5

Successful fishing in Far Cry 5 requires more than just casting a line. You need to know some tips to improve your Far Cry 5 fishing experience. It will make the in-game fishing experience enjoyable for you.

Let’s get to know the tips for successful fishing in Far Cry 5. 

  • Check for signs of fish near the water lines. If none are visible, try another spot for a higher chance of a successful catch.
  • Unlock a better fishing rod like the Wonderboy rod and increase your fishing capabilities.
  • Select the appropriate lure for the fish species you are targeting
  • Grab the Fisher King perk to unlock all the available bait.
  • Learn about different region’s fish species.
  • Choose the right rod and reel in the proper technique.
  • Know the area well before trying to catch a fish.

Far Cry 5 Rocky Areas Near Lakes And Rivers

far cry 5 fishing line keeps breaking            

Far Cry 5 has a diverse landscape in the virtual world of Hope County. In Holland Valley, the rocky shorelines of Dutch’s Island become the home of Sturgeon species. It brings in a unique gaming experience for you.

Venture into John’s and Faith’s regions for similar rocky features. However, the Henbane River area exhibits less rocky terrain.

The variation in topography across these regions in Far Cry 5 makes the fishing experience more unique in each region.

Fishing In The Holland Valley

Fishing in the Holland Valley of Far Cry 5 offers a challenging experience. You will visit the Holland Valley fishing area near Dutch’s Island.

This location is known for the Pallid Sturgeon and Paddlefish Sturgeon. If you are looking to catch a big sturgeon, then this could be the right place for you.

Besides, you should also know that it is a hard fishing spot. The fishing record board is located in the  Fall’s End Bar. The whole of Holland Valley is under John Seed’s control.

Fishing in Holland Valley will bring new fishing achievements for you in Far Cry 5.

How To Catch A Big Fish In Far Cry 5?

Catching big fish in Far Cry 5 is a challenge. You need to have the right rod and lures in your inventory. Besides, you should also learn the right technique to handle the big fish fishing line tension.

Check the step-by-step guide on how to catch a big fish in Far Cry 5.

1. Equip High-End Gear

Unlock the top-class fishing rods like the Wonderboy or Old Betsy. They can easily handle the strength of larger fish. A basic Fishing rod will be of no use here.

2. Unlock All Lures

You need to get the Fisher King perk to unlock all available lures. Different fish species respond to specific lures. Having all of them and using the right bait increases your chances of attracting sizable catches.

3. Best Reeling Technique

Learn proper reeling techniques for big Far Cry 5 fish catches. Maintain tension and balance while reeling to prevent the line from snapping. The fishing line battle will be intense with a large fish.  

4. Reel In and Catch

Give full afford keeping the fishing line green when reeling in. Take your time and bring the big fish closer to the shoreline. Eventually, the big fish will be caught and come to your basket.

How To Catch Hard Fish Far Cry 5?

There are many hard fish locations in Far Cry 5. You need to approach hard fish locations when you are already used to catching small-size fish and are experts in it. It is time to upgrade your Far Cry 5 fishing ability.

Check out the process of catching hard dish Far Cry 5.

1. Unlock Fisher King Perk

You will need a better lure to fish in hard fishing spots. Unlock the Fisher King perk and get all the superior Far Cry 5 lures. It will increase your ability to catch bigger fish in Far Cry 5 hard fishing spots. 

2. Identify Hard Fishing Spots

You need to know which are the hard fishing spots in Far Cry 5. These areas often have larger areas and bigger fish species. Choose your fishing location wisely. Different areas have different fish species for fishing.

3. Select The Eight Bait

You need to select bait according to the fish species that you are targeting. You have Trout Bugger, Salmon Eggs, Hybrid Sturgeon, and Bass Popper in your selection. Pick the right one and increase your chance of success.

4. Learn Tension Management

As you engage with hard-fighting fish, proper tension management is important. Try to avoid line breaks by releasing tension during intense battles with the hard fish.  Seize the opportunity to reel in when the tension is manageable.

5. Aim for Lake Trout or Salmon

Go for lake trout or salmon if you want to catch something big. It is one of the most common species in Far Cry 5 hard fishing spots. Follow the guidelines and overcome the challenge of catching large fish in Far Cry 5.

How To Sell Fish In Far Cry 5?

far cry 5 - how to fish pc

You can sell fish in Far Cry 5. Fish can be traded for cash in the gameplay. If you wish to make some quick cash in Far Cry 5, then you should start fishing right now. A guide on how to sell fish in Far Cry 5 is shared below.

  • Step-1: Catch a fish for sale.
  • Step-2: Head to the in-game shop to sell.
  • Step-3: Select the fish you wish to sell.
  • Step-4: Trade your fish and receive in-game cash.  ($100 to $150 per fish)

You can sell fish in Far Cry 5 in this way. It will add extra cash to your Far Cry 5 wallet. Besides, you can sell 20 fish and unlock the ‘Fish Market’ achievement (equivalent to 10 Game Score).

Far Cry 5 Fishing Records

You need to break Far Cry 5 fishing records to get the best Old Betsy fishing rod. It is also a badge of honor for you in the gameplay.

Get to know the fishing records in different regions and learn about your targets. Slide down to the main section.

Fish Species Record Weight
Bull Trout Record 21 lbs
Golden Trout Record 41 lbs
Lake Trout Record 37 lbs
Rainbow Trout Record 28 lbs
Arctic Grayling Salmon Record 3 lbs
Kokanee Salmon Record 6 lbs
Chinook Salmon Record 27 lbs
Rock Bass Record 3 lbs
Smallmouth Bass Record 6 lbs
Largemouth Bass Record 8 lbs
Paddlefish Sturgeon Record 112 lbs
Pallid Sturgeon Record 55 lbs

Far Cry 5 How To Catch Record Fish?

You need better tools when you wish to catch record fish. Start by unlocking high-end Wonderboy fishing rods. It is an essential tool for tackling the colossal ‘Jumbo’ versions of each fish. Scout the diverse landscapes of Hope County and find the right location for your fish species.

Use the best fishing lures according to your chosen fish species. Cast the line and reel in with proper technique. Breaking regional records and claiming the top spot for each fish will unlock the Old Betsy fishing rod for you.

Why Does My Fishing Line Keep Breaking?

far cry 5 fishing not working

Your fishing line keeps on breaking because you are creating lots of tension on the fishing line. The frustration will continue until you learn the right way to tackle heavier fish.

Some of the common reasons and ways to avoid fishing line breaking are shared below.  

  • Keep in check the fishing line color. The green line indicates normal tension, and the red line signals high tension.
  • If the line turns red, release the reel immediately. This action prevents the line from breaking due to excessive tension.
  • Consider using a boat for fishing. It will provide better mobility and control over fish movements, and reduce the risk of line breakage.
  • When dealing with big fish, try to avoid using the basic rod and bait.

Why Can’t I Catch Fish In Far Cry 5?     

Many players struggle to catch Far Cry 5 fish. There are many reasons which directly affect the ability to catch fish easily in Far Cry 5.

Let’s have a look at some common reasons why you can’t catch fish in Far Cry 5.       

  • Select a water area that has a large fish population. Some areas may have fewer fish, which will make the fishing task challenging.
  • Casting too close or too far can result in missed opportunities. The middle spot is often the sweet spot to place your lure.
  • Position yourself at the edge of the water for better visibility and casting accuracy.
  • Make sure you are using the right bait for the fish you are targeting.


Far Cry 5 fishing is not just a side activity. It is a rich and immersive experience within the gameplay. You get the chance to catch fish and sell them for some extra cash. You can also break regional records and unlock the best Old Betsy fishing rod.

Far Cry 5 has an exciting storyline for the fishing progression. If you wish to try something new in this gameplay, then Far Cry 5 fishing can be a great start.

Let us know what else you want us to cover next. Keep coming back for more updates shortly.  


Can You Fish In Far Cry 5?

Yes, fishing is an enjoyable activity in Far Cry 5. You can visit different water bodies in Far Cry 5 world and catch different species of fish. Complete fishing challenges and unlock new in-game rewards for you.

Can I Fry My Fish?

There is no option to fry fish in Far Cry 5. But you have the option to catch and sell fish. Fishing gives you a new way of enjoying the game and also a way to earn some extra Far Cry 5 cash.

Where Is The Fishing Shop In Far Cry 5?          

Dylon’s Master Bait is the fishing shop in Far Cry 5. It is in the Whitetail Mountain region of Hope County. You can find here a variety of fishing rods, and bait. Upgrade your fishing equipment and make your Far Cry 5 fishing easier.

How Many Fish Are In Far Cry 5?          

Far Cry 5 aquatic ecosystem has a total of 12 fish species. Each species is home to a different area in Hope County. Different species of Far Cry 5 create a dynamic in-game experience for you.

What Is The Hardest Fish To Catch In Far Cry 5?

The hardest fish to catch in Far Cry 5 is “The Admiral”. Catching this fish requires high Far Cry 5 fishing skills in players. Besides, the Paddlefish Sturgeon is also one of the hardest fish to catch in the gameplay. It weighs around 112 lbs.

Can You Fish Anywhere In Far Cry 5?

No, you can’t fish anywhere in Far Cry 5. It is restricted to designated lakes, rivers, and ponds. Check the Far Cry 5 map and find the spot where you wish to fish in Far Cry 5.

How Long Does It Take To Catch A Fish In Far Cry 5?

The time it takes to catch a fish in Far Cry 5 depends on various factors. You need to take into consideration the fish species and locations you are fishing. Some catches may be swift and may take only a few seconds, while others can extend to several minutes.

How Do You Get Kevin To Fish?

Kevin Frye is a non-playable character in Far Cry 5. He is an integral part of the game’s storyline. You can see him in a supporting role but cannot get Kevin to fish. 

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