How to Get Skunk Skins in Far Cry 5 Without Getting Sprayed

Skunks in Far Cry 5 are very small animals. You need to know how to get Skunk Skins in Far Cry 5 in detail. At first, it may seem challenging to get Skunk in the hunting ground.

But once you know where to look for them, it gets easier for you.

Here are the three ways you can find Skunk easily:

1. Faith Seed’s Northern Territory

Faith Seed’s territory in the North is known to be the best place to find skunks. You need to look for them in the woods to increase your chances of success. Get Boomer, and tag the running skunks in the zone.

2. Lowlands and Valleys of Henbane River

Bait is also an option but it is not the most effective choice. Instead, you should go with the Boomer to make things easier for you.

Sometimes, Skunks may be hidden in patches of the dense woodland. In this case, take into use the Ultimate Hunter ability, which will automatically tag every animal in the area.

3. Ross Bass Lake’s Skunk Hunting Strategy

The lowlands and valleys of Henbane River, and Ross Bass Lake are also the top locations for skunk hunting. Look out for warning signs of skunk presence. Keep in mind that skunks have a low spawn rate, so you need to be patient.

Far Cry 5 Get 2 Undamaged Skunk Skins

For the “Clinical Study” Side quest you can undamaged Skunks skins in two ways:

1. Salvage from the delivered skunks:

  • Onto your Hope County Farm Charles will airdrop cages that contain Skunks during quest.
  • Approach the cages carefully and avoid startling the skunks. To tag the Skunks for easy identification you can use crouch and use Boomer or Peaches.
  • To knock out the skunks without damaging their pelt Shoot the cages and open them with a non-lethal weapon like a tranquilizer rifle or bow and arrow.
  •  Skin them to collect the undamaged pelts when they are unconscious. Check the quality before taking too many because you need only two Skunks.

2. Hunt wild skunks:

  • If the delivered Skunks have not enough undamaged pelts then head to a designated skunk hunting location.
  • marking with a paw symbol on your map, There’s a good spot right on the border of Faith’s and Dutch’s regions.
  • Tranquilizers or headshots work best for clean kills.

When you will get two undamaged Skunks then go to the Charles to complete the quest and upgrade the bait to attract the angles. 

What are Skunk Skins and Why Should I Get Them? 

Skunk skins are available in both Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn. It is a valuable asset to earn extra cash on the gameplay.

These Far Cry 5 creatures can be sold for $170 each in the in-game store.  Your inventory can hold up to 10 skunk skins at once.

So, a good skunk hunt will bring in lots of rewards for you in the gameplay. These small animals of Hope County are often found in lowland areas. You also need to get them to complete Far Cry 5 side challenges.

Skunks are small but they are very aggressive and follow a hit-and-run attack on players. They are pretty tricky creatures in the gameplay but come with a good hunt reward.

So, if you wish to earn some extra cash in Far Cry 5, then start hunting Skunk Skin.

How to Attract Skunks in Far Cry 5

In Far Cry 5 you can attract the Skunks basically in two ways:

1. By using bait:

  • Clinical Study mission: This is the fastest way to attract Skunks. For this, you have to place the prototype bait on a table at the outpost at the time of the “Clinical Study” mission in Faith’s region. Then both skunks and Peggies (angels) will be attracted by the bait. Eliminate the peggies then you can harvest skunk skins from the attracted animals.
  • Hunting ground: The southwest of Rock Bass Lake in Faith’s region has a higher chance of spawning Skunks compared to other Hope countries. Head over to this location. To track and hunt you can use your hunting bow, Boomer’s tagging ability, or other tools.

2. Finding them in the wild:

  • Low-lying areas: Skunks are common in this area, especially the lowlands surrounding the central hills near the Henbane River and the Whitetail Mountains. Keep an eye out when exploring this area.
  • Nighttime: At night Skunks are more active. So, you have a better chance to attract them at this time.

Pro Tips to Attract Skunks

  • By using Boomer as a companion you have a higher chance to attract Skunks. His tagging ability can help you locate nearby skunks, even in thick vegetation.
  • Hunting homeopathics buffs can improve your animal spotting and tracking skills. So, try to use it.
  • Be aware because Skunks can spray you by creating a cloud that temporarily blinds and disorients you. To avoid it use a gas mask or dodge the spray.

The Best Hunting Spot for Skunk Skins in Hope County

far cry 5 skunk location map

Hope County comes with a big hunting ground. You need to know the best hunting spot or locations for Skunk Skins or you may get lost in the map.

Faith’s Region is known to be the best hunting spot for Skunks in Far Cry 5. The top two areas where you have the best chance of getting Skunk Skins are shared below.

Jefferson Lookout Tower

Jefferson Lookout Tower is the hotspot of skunk activity. The dense woodland of the region keeps the skunk in disguise. You can look for them in nearby water resources as they often gather near these places.

Whitetail Mountains

Venture into the Whitetail Mountains region which is full of skunks. The dense part of the region has the best chance to have skunk lurking around.

The small creatures might be hidden on the patches. Be prepared for the challenges that you might face while hunting for Skunk Skins in Whitetail Mountain.

Far Cry 5 Skunks Not Spawning

It is normal to have Skunks in their designated areas in Far Cry 5 but if no skunks spawn at all in Far Cry 5 then it is unusual. To resolve this problem you can try these tricks:

  1. Verify game files: On PC, go to Steam Library > Far Cry 5 > Properties > Local Files > Verify the integrity of game files. This ensures your game data is not corrupted.
  2. Reload the game: Sometimes restarting the game can refresh the world and animal spawns.
  3. Change regions: Spawn rates are low in some specific areas. So, visit other regions of Hope County and see if skunks spawn there.
  4. Use bait in different locations: Try to place the Clinical Study mission bait in other areas within the outpost instead of just relying on the table.
  5. Sleep/fast forward time: Inactive animals can be triggered to spawn by advancing time through sleep or fast travel.

If none of these suggestions work, consider reporting the issue directly to Ubisoft through their official support channels. Provide details like the platform you’re playing on, specific areas where you’re not seeing skunks, and any troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken.

Overview of Far Cry 5’s Hope County and its Hunting Grounds

Far Cry’s Hope County landscape is divided among three Lieutenants in the gameplay. Each territory has its own hunting ground and animal species. You can earn valuable perk points by successfully hunting animals in the county.

In total, Hope County has 19 animal species including birds. Animal crossing signs in the open-word area indicate nearby hunting zones.

You can also add new maps and increase hunting opportunities by picking up magazines that are scattered throughout the region.

Trust in your instinct more than the Far Cry 5 map. Depending only on the map may reduce your adventurous gaming experience.

Each Hope County region has different animals on their hunting grounds. Some of the common ones are shared below.

  • Whitetail Mountain: Boars, Grouse, Wolves, Eagles, Ducks, and Other.
  • Holland Valley: Deer, Wolverines, Turkeys, Eagles, Cougars, and Other.
  • Henbane River: Skunks, Black Bears, Bison, Moose, Deer, and Other.

Understanding the Basics of Hunting in Far Cry 5

far cry 5 skunk map

Hunting in Far Cry 5 is not only about how to get skunk in Far Cry 5. It is a new way to explore the open gaming environment.

Understanding the basics of hunting in Far Cry 5 will assist you in making the right strategy for the hunt. Let’s slide underneath and get to know more.

Animals and Official Hunting Spots

Hope County’s landscapes offer plenty of hunting options. 19 different animal species are wildering across the region. You will find Pronghorn near Lincoln Lookout Tower, and Elk in the northwest of Fall’s End.

On the other hand, Caribou are often seen in the Jacob region, and Moose near Peaches Taxidermy. Skunks lurk in the Rock Bass Lake and northwest of King’s Hot Springs Hotel.

Each hunting location brings in new challenges and rewards for you.

Weapons Used for Hunting

You need to have the right weapon to hunt in Hope County. Boomers always prove valuable in tracking and tagging prey. You can also take into use bows. But 50 Caliber Sniper is the best option for a quick and efficient takedown.

Undamaged Animal Skins

You need to preserve the quality of your hunted animal skill. Usually, Guns will provide two skins, and a bow or sniper can often provide four skins.

Explosives can damage skins. You must use an arrow or a sniper to get an undamaged animal skin.

Tips to Improve Your Skill at Hunting

how to attract skunks in far cry 5

Successful hunting in Far Cry 5 needs more than an eagle eye. You should have a clear idea about the right hunting methods before you proceed further. Some tips to improve your skill at hunting in Far Cry 5 are bullet-pointed down below.

  • Different animals demand different weapons for an undamaged hunt. For example, boars can be easily hunted from a distance with long-range rifles but will be a hard choice to hunt a skunk.
  • Take the time to spot your target before initiating the hunt. Select your weapon and proceed with a hunting plan.
  • As you progress, work on your weapon skills. Increase accuracy and stability to become a better Far Cry 5 hunter.
  • Consume drugs like Ultimate Hunter to improve your hunting abilities. This drug automatically tags every animal in your location.
  • Take a silent weapon and hunt from a disguise. It will be a great choice when you are dealing with aggressive Far Cry 5 animals.
  • Pay Attention to Animal Warning Signs in the area. These signs share with you what types of animals you can find in this zone.


You already know how to get skunk skins in Far Cry 5. It is not as challenging as it seems. You just need to search for them in the right location as mentioned before. Faith’s Region is known to be the best option to hunt down Skunk.

Pick the right weapon and follow the hunting tips accordingly. Ultimately, you will have some skunk skins in the inventory for sale.

Hopefully, you are ready for the Skunk Skins hunt in Hope County. Keep coming back with more updates shortly.


Where to find skunk skins in Far Cry 5?

Skunk skins can be found in various locations. Faith’s Region’s White Mountain is the best spot for the hunt. You need to be very patient to hunt down this very small and aggressive animal in Far Cry 5.

Where to find Undamaged Grizzly Bear Skins?

Undamaged Grizzly Bear Skins are found in the Whitetail Mountains region of Faith’s territory in Far Cry 5. On the other hand, Black Bears are often seen in the Henbane River region.

Where are Caribou in Far Cry 5?

Caribou are commonly found in the Jacob region of Far Cry 5. You need to look for them in the northern areas and snowy landscapes. Besides, Caribou are also often seen on the lowlands of Whitetail Mountain.

What animal skin is worth the most in Far Cry 5?

Hare animal skin is worth the most in Far Cry 5. You can sell them for a sum of $300. After that, Cougar and Wolf Leader hold the position of a worthy hunt in the gameplay. Besides, a skunk skin can make you around $150 in the Far Cry 5 shop.

How to attract skunks in Far Cry 5?

Skunks can be attracted by using bait in Far Cry 5. Deploy bait in areas like Rock Bass Lake or northwest of King’s Hot Springs Hotel. It will increase your chance of hunting skunks in Far Cry 5.

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