How to Grapple in Far Cry 5: (Master) Hook, Line, & Enemy

You need to liberate the Jacob’s Region first to unlock the Grapple Perk. After that, you need to spend 1 perk point in the store and purchase the Grapple from the perks section. Spot blue grapple points which are strategically placed on cliffs and buildings.

Aim at the desired grapple hook, and throw it using the designated button according to your device. After grappling, go upward using the right trigger and go downward with the left trigger.

Let’s have a look at how to grapple in Far Cry 5 using PS, PC, and Xbox.


  1. Hold down the right trigger to aim and throw the grapple.
  2. Start the climb.
  3. Use the left trigger to go down after grappling.


  1. On PC, hold the E key to throw the grapple towards the targeted hook.
  2. Press W to climb upward.
  3. Use S to descend after grappling.


  1. Aim at the grapple hook and hold down the right trigger to throw the grapple.
  2. Slide upward to climb.
  3. Use the left trigger to come down after grappling.


  1. Similar to PS4 controls, the right trigger throws the grapple.
  2. After that, you can start climbing.
  3. The left trigger is used to grapple down.

Grappling Spots

You need to know about grappling spots for navigating the diverse terrain of Hope County. There are thousands of grappling spots scattered across the map.

Usually, you can reach mountains, cliffs, and tall structures by locating the orange ropes and blue grappling blocks in different locations.

Grapple Perk can be used only on these points. You don’t have any other option to use grapple in Far Cry 5. Locate grappling spots and reach new places using grapple perks. It will be a new way for you to explore the open-world Far Cry 5 gameplay.

Grappling Hooks

Far Cry 5 grappling hooks are needed for vertical exploration. You can distinguish the grappling hooks from the rest by their blue color. It is also known as the anchor point of a grapple.

You are often going to see them in hills, buildings, and various structures throughout Hope County. Players can easily spot these climbing spots.

Far Cry 5 has many challenging spots that need climbing. The grappling hook is a support system for you when you need to climb or swing in a tall structure.

You can take it into use for tactical advantage and fun climbing experiences.

Tips For Grappling In Far Cry 5

How to Grapple in Far Cry 5

You need to have good skills in grappling in Far Cry 5. Otherwise, it will become hard for you to reach the many challenging landscapes of Hope County.

Some tips for grappling in Far Cry 5 are shared below so that you harness the full power of Grapple Perk.

  • Try to unlock the grapple early in the game.
  • Improve your skills by practicing grappling upward and downward multiple times.
  • Try to be accurate when aiming for grappling hooks.
  • Come down to enemies from above for silent takedowns using grapple perks.

How To Use A Proxy Server To Grapple In Far Cry 5?

Using a proxy server to grapple in Far Cry 5 is not necessary. Grappling in Far Cry 5 is a straightforward process.

Unlock the grapple through perks, locate grapple hooks, and start climbing top spots. Proxy servers have no role in this process.

A Proxy Server in Far Cry 5 is generally used for addressing technical issues. There is no requirement for a proxy server for unlocking perks, finding grapple hooks, and effortlessly grappling.

Save proxy servers for troubleshooting and technical challenges in the gameplay.

5 Grapple Paths In Far Cry 5

There are many grapple paths in Far Cry 5. But I am going to share with you some of the common grapple paths that are often needed to use. Check out the 5 grapple paths and understand the challenge that comes with it.

1. Whitetail Mountain Grapple Hook

It is located in the Whitetail Mountain region. You will find cliffs and steep inclines. Use the grapple perk and experience a thrilling adventure in the mountainous surroundings.

2. John Seed Compound Grapple Path

You will find it on the central side of the John Seed Compound. Get near the water tower and look for a climbing spot. You will find here a grapple path strategically placed within John Seed’s compound.

3. Faith’s End Grapple Path

Go near Widow’s Peak lookout tower in the Faith End. You need to follow a long and winding grapple path. Once you start the climb, you will have a breathtaking view from the top.

4. Henbane River Grapple Path

Henbane River Grapple Path is near Parker’s residence. It is a shorter grappling path compared to other grappling paths in Far Cry 5. You can use it for quick navigation through the Henbane River region.

5. Holland Valley Grapple Path

You will encounter here a long and challenging grapple path near the Whitetail Mountain Outpost. The main grappling path point is in the Holland Valley zone.

Using grapple here can be a new way to enjoy the scenic view of Far Cry 5 from above.

How To Use Grapple In Far Cry 5?

You need to know the right way to use grapple in Far Cry 5. It is known as the best way to conquer top landscapes in Hope County.

Let’s slide down and get to know how to use grapple in Far Cry 5.

1. Locate Grapple Hooks

Grapple hooks are strategically placed on cliffs, ledges, and buildings. Keep an eye out for these distinct points to use the grapple effectively. They are mostly blue.

2. Aim and Engage

Aim at the grapple hook with precision. After that, follow the white outline that appears after you hook the grapple. Without aiming precision, it will become harder for you to do grappling in Far Cry 5.

3. Hook The Grapple

Use the designated button on your platform to initiate the grapple. This action connects you to the grapple hook securely.

  • PC: Right Click
  • PS: R2 Button
  • Xbox: RT Button

4. Move Upward

You have hooked the grapple and it is time to climb. The right button press to start the climb depends on the gaming device.

  • PC: W key
  • Consoles: Left Stick Upward

5. Come Downward

You have done the climbing using the grapple perk. But you should also know how to use the grapple to come down after the climb.

  • PC: S Key.
  • Consoles: Left Stick Downward.

6. Swing Mid-Air

You can also use the grapple to swing in the mid-air. It is very useful when you are trying to escape from the enemies. Just release and re-press the grapple button both on PC and consoles.

How To Buy Grapple Far Cry 5?

You need to buy a grapple Far Cry 5 to use it. As you progress through the story and liberate Jacob’s region, the grapple becomes accessible through perk points.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to purchase the grapple.

  1. Advance through the game’s narrative and liberate Jacob’s region.
  2. Earn perk points by completing various challenges and missions throughout the game.
  3. Head to the in-game store from the game menu.
  4. Within the store, locate and select the “Perks” option.
  5. Scroll down the perks menu to find the grapple icon.
  6. Once you have found the grapple icon, spend 1 perk point to buy the grapple.

How To Climb Grapple Far Cry 5 PC?

The main use of grapple in Far Cry 5 is climbing. Swing is also part of the grapple perk but it is mostly used for climbing tasks.

A step-by-step guide on how to climb grapple Far Cry 5 PC is shared below.

  1. First, unlock the grapple perk by spending 1 perk point.
  2. Keep an eye out for blue grapple points scattered across cliffs, ledges, and structures.
  3. Aim at the blue grapple point and throw the grapple at it.
  4. Once thrown, the grapple should attach to the blue point.
  5. With the grapple securely attached, press the W key on the PC to start the climbing.

Far Cry 5 Grapple Under Bridge

You have the option to grapple under a bridge in Far Cry 5. Head to the start of the bridge where blue grapple points are placed. Aim and throw the grapple towards these points, and start the seamless swing under the bridge.

As you swing, target the second grapple point. It will allow you to gracefully navigate under the bridge. This technique showcases the versatility of the grapple and also provides a thrilling way to cross the bridge in Far Cry 5.

How Do You Throw A Grapple In Far Cry 5?

far cry 5 grappling hook location

You need to know the right way to throw a grapple in Far Cry 5. Players play Far Cry 5 using different gaming devices.

Each device has a different method of throwing a grapple in the gameplay.

Ways to grapple with different devices are shared below.

  • PC: Hold the ‘E’ button to throw the grapple with precision.
  • Xbox: Aim at the grapple point and hold the ‘RT’ (right trigger) button to release the grapple.
  • PlayStation: Use the right trigger (‘R2‘) to aim and throw the grapple accurately.

Far Cry 5 Grappling Hook Not Working

It can be a frustrating experience when the Far Cry 5 grappling hook not working. Grappling hooks are necessary when you need to reach high places in the gameplay.

Some of the common reasons why you are facing the Far Cry 5 grapple hook issue are shared below.

1. Glitch in the Game

Technical glitches can disrupt the functionality of the grappling hook. Check for any recent updates or patches that might address known issues.

Otherwise, you need to wait until Far Cry 5 introduces a new update to resolve the problem.

2. Grapple Not Unlocked

Make sure that you have successfully unlocked the grapple by spending the required perk points. Without unlocking the grapple perk, you will not be able to work with the grapple hook. It is basic but some new players seem to miss it.

3. Aiming at the Wrong Point

Precision is essential when using the grappling hook. If the grapple isn’t connecting, then relocate your aim. Aim at the highlighted blue part for a successful attachment with the grapple hook.

4. Reload the Game

Sometimes, a simple restart or reloading of the game can resolve minor glitches. This action refreshes the game and also solves the issues with the grappling hook functionality.


You already know how to grapple in Far Cry 5. Besides, I also tried to show you the way to unlock the grapple and the method of using it.

You must learn and practice the grappling skill in Far Cry 5 from climbing and swinging in tall places.

It will help you to explore new spots in the gameplay without any hassle. You can also use it to escape from sudden attacks from enemies or attack them from above.

Start grappling and enjoy Far Cry 5 in a new way. Stay with us for more updates shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Grapple in Far Cry 5

Does Far Cry 5 Have A Grappling Hook?

Yes, Far Cry 5 has a grappling hook. It is a valuable tool for reaching inaccessible areas. You can use the grappling hook to climb cliffs, scale buildings, and reach challenging landscapes.

This versatile tool brings in new paths and strategic advantages in the gameplay.

Where Can I Find Grapples?

You will find the grapple in a perk store. It is available as the Grapple perk. Spend 1 perk point and obtain a grapple for climbing and swinging in Far Cry 5. This is the only way to find grapples in the open-world gameplay.

Does Grapple Stop Attacks?

The grapple in Far Cry 5 is a valuable tool for swift escapes from enemies. But it doesn’t serve as a means to stop attacks directly. Grapple’s main purpose is to enhance mobility. It will help you to quickly move away from threats.

Can You Grapple With A Weapon?

Grappling is not possible while holding a weapon. The game automatically unequips your weapon when you take the grapple. Here, you need to use both hands for grappling so there is no way for you to hold a weapon.

Is A Grappling Hook A Real Thing?

Grappling Hook is indeed a real thing. It is used for climbing and swinging in various Far Cry 5 gaming world scenarios.

You need to take into use the grappling hook for navigating challenging terrains, climbing hills, and executing strategic escapes from enemies.

Is Grapple A Tool?

Grapple in Far Cry 5 is considered a tool. This versatile tool proves useful for climbing, swinging, or rappelling. It is a multi-functional tool that enhances your mobility inside the Far Cry 5 gaming world.

Can You Stab While Grappling?

It is not possible to stab while grappling in Far Cry 5. The game restricts holding any weapon during grappling. The focus is to Grapple for reaching high locations and enhance mobility.

You have no option to use any weapons during this action.

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