How to HEAL in Far Cry 5 ( Like a Boss): ULTIMATE Guide

Far Cry 5 healing is important to stay ahead of danger. So, you need to have a clear idea of how to heal in Far Cry 5.

It will help you to stay alive when you are fighting with the cultists and Seeds on the battlefield. Keep an eye out for medkits scattered throughout Far Cry 5 world.

Besides, some enemies may also drop medkits upon defeats. You also have the option to purchase medkits from in-game shops.

At first, you would be able to carry 3 medkits at once. But you can increase the number to five medkits by unlocking Journey Pack perks.

How to HEAL in Far Cry 5

Xbox One and Xbox

  • Health packs return as medkits.
  • You can carry up to three medkits at a time.
  • Press the X button to use a medkit and regain your health.

PS5 and PS4

  • Just like on Xbox, medkits are your go-to for healing.
  • Collect medkits for healing in Far Cry 5.
  • Press the Square button to use a medkit and restore your health.


  • Medkits function the same way on PCs as they do on consoles.
  • You will find them on the Far Cry 5 building floor or by defeating enemies. 
  • Press ‘Ctrl’ on your keyboard to heal with a medkit.

Far Cry 5 Healing Without Medkit

Medkits are needed for healing in Far Cry 5. In most cases, there is no direct way to heal without medkits in Far Cry 5.

But like Far Cry 3, you don’t need to rely on medkits only for healing in Far Cry 5. Consuming some food items in Far Cry 5 can also heal you in Far Cry 5.

Unlike medkits, the healing properties of food are more passive. Consuming food in Far Cry 5 can trigger the regeneration of health over time.

Far Cry 5 healing without medkits can also be done with the Resistance perk because it will protect you against damage in the gameplay.

How To Use Medkit Far Cry 5 PC?

far cry 5 healing without medkit

Medkit Far Cry 5 PC use is pretty straightforward. The game brings in an automatic health generation feature. It will gradually restore health when it is low.

But you can still manually use a medkit if needed. There is no direct button for the Medkit application.

Instead, the game automatically triggers the use of a medkit when necessary. Besides, you can also increase your health capabilities further by unlocking the Health Boost perk. It will increase your maximum health pool.

The Second Wind perk grants you the ability to revive a game character once per life. It can be a valuable second chance during intense battles. Knowing the use of Medkits will prepare you well to tackle the challenges of Hope County.

Healing Animations

Far Cry 5 has different healing animations in play. It is part of engaging the players more with the gameplay. Some of the common healing animations in Far Cry 5 are shared with you.

1. Bandages Animation

You need to use bandages in Far Cry 5 to patch up wounds. You will witness a brief animation where the character swiftly wraps themselves with bandages. The animation ends with a satisfying relief sound from the game character.

2. Burn/Bess Treatment

Facing burns or bee stings triggers unique animations in Far Cry 5. You will observe the character is sweating or shaking to remove the irritant. It will add a realistic touch to the healing process.

3. Revive Ally

Reviving Allies involves a compassionate animation where the player kneels beside the fallen comrade and administers aid. The healing animation is the same for both humans and animals.

4. The Hope County Hospital

I got to know about two hospital buildings in Far Cry 5. One is Hope County Clinic and it is located to the west of the Holland Valley station. The Hope County Hospital is an important location in the game’s narrative.

You need to drive the characters Kim and Nick Rye to the hospital for childbirth to complete a mission. On the other hand, St. Francis Veterans Center is a former hospital in Whitetail Mountain.

You will see the place in three missions – We Must Be Strong, Sacrifice The Weak, Only You.

5. The Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

There is no dedicated rehabilitation center in Far Cry 5. But you can interact with wildlife in various ways. Hunting and fishing are also part of the gameplay.

It allows you to engage with the open-world environment and wilds of Hope County.

Previous Game & Healing in Far Cry 5

Previous games like Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 relied on syringes and crafting for healing. But Far Cry 5 has eliminated the Far Cry 5 syringe healing. The fifth edition of the Far Cry series comes with automatic health regeneration.

Besides, there is no direct influence of previous games on healing in Far Cry 5. You need to rely on bandages and medkits for healing. It will bring a hassle-free healing experience for you in the gameplay.

Previous Entries & Healing in Far Cry 5

how to heal in far cry 5 ps5

Previous entries in Far Cry 5 can be saved. It will help you to learn resource management and the right moments to use healing perks.

Moreover, Far Cry 5 offers a carry-over option for players who saved their progress properly in previous entries.

The autosave option reserves one slot, and manual saves allow players to maintain control over multiple progressions.

You can use it to carry forward valuable resources like medkits and preserve the health condition of the in-game character.

Where To Find Green Orbs?

Green Orbs are also known as the green alien objects among Far Cry 5 gamers. They are part of the “Close Encounter” side mission.

These objects are scattered throughout Hope County, and you may encounter them during playtime.

It is important to know that these green orbs are not healing items like bandages and medkits. They are collectibles and associated with a side mission.

Progress through the Far Cry 5 storylines and complete the “Close Encounter” mission that includes green orbs.


You already know how to heal in Far Cry 5. It is essential for survival in the dangerous landscapes of Hope County. If you have enough medkits on the board, then the healing will be done automatically whenever your character faces any damage.

Besides, I also tried to show you how different healing perks work and what the pros are in the gameplay. Try to avoid damage and use your medkits wisely. Stay with us for more updates shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Far Cry 5 Have Healing?

Far Cry 5 has an automatic health regeneration system after damage. Players can use medkits and various perks to increase their healing capabilities. It will give you extra advantages during tough combat situations.

Can You Heal Without Medkits Far Cry 5?

Usually, you can’t heal without medkits in Far Cry 5. But you can use Resistance perk to reduce damage intake. It will indirectly aid in healing or avoiding damage altogether.

Moreover, healing in Far Cry 5 occurs automatically when the player sustains damage.

How Do You Heal Yourself In Far Cry 5?

Healing in Far Cry 5 is achieved through the game’s auto-refill system. When taking damage, health will automatically refill if you have medkits in your inventory.

This healing process ensures that players can focus on the action without the need for manual healing actions.

What Button Is Heal In Far Cry 5?

Healing in Far Cry 5 doesn’t require pressing any specific button on any gaming device. The game features an auto-regeneration system where health gradually increases over time without player input.

Where Can I Find Medkits In Far Cry 5?

Medkits in Far Cry 5 can be found scattered throughout the game world. It is often located in buildings, on floors, or on benches. Players can also purchase medkits from stores for $250 each.

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