Master Thief: How to Open Safes in Far Cry 5 (Fast Methods!)

You need to open safes in Far Cry 5 to collect hidden treasures and valuable loot. Safes are scattered throughout the game and hold valuable resources.

Once you know how to open safes in Far Cry 5, the first-person shooter game journey will get more exciting for you.

Here, I will share with you various methods to crack open safes. The tips and insights will make you successful at easily unlocking most safes in Far Cry 5. Let’s slide down and take a look at the main details.

How to Open Safes in Far Cry 5

How to Open Safes in Far Cry 5?

You can open safes in Far Cry 5 in many different methods. Each method provides a new way to unlock safes in Far Cry 5.

In this section, you will get to see the best and easiest way to unlock safes for rewards. Start finding safes in Hope County and open them pretty easily.

1. Use the Key

You will find some safes in Far Cry 5 with a key near it. Just pick the key and use it to open the safe. It is the easiest way to open safes. But they often do not contain valuable items compared to other safes without keys.

2. Lockpicking

You have the option to acquire lockpicking skills in the game. You can use this skill to unlock Far Cry 5 doors and safes.

Get close to the safe and choose the lockpicking option. Follow the on-screen guidelines and open the safe without any noise.

3. Use Explosives

Most often you are going to see the use of explosives to open a safe. Grenades and remote explosives can be equipped in Far Cry 5 safes and blow it open. But it will make a loud noise and may attract enemies toward you. Be aware of it!

What is Opening Safes in Far Cry 5?

Far Cry 5 safes are treasure holders in Hope County. You can also call them vaults containing some extra cash and resources.

Some safes can be unlocked with keys. But it is not always easy to find the key to the safe. So, you can use explosives as alternatives.

Besides, picking skills are also beneficial to unlock safes. It is silent and does not make any sound like the explosives.

You need to open safes to level up faster in the Far Cry 5 gameplay. Collect free money and weapons by opening safes in no time.

Lockpicking Skills

Lockpicking skills are one of the best ways to unlock safes and doors in Far Cry 5. This skill is very useful when you need to unlock a safe faster and silently. Let’s slide down and get to know more about it.

What are Lockpicking Skills?

How to open safes in Far Cry 5? Well, you can take into use the lockpicking skills. You will have the ability to manipulate locks in the Far Cry 5 gameplay. It will open more treasures for you and help you advance in the game faster.

How to Acquire Lockpicking Skills?

You will get skill points as you progress in the game. These skill points will later be used to acquire the lockpicking skills. Safe locks will convert skill points into lockpicking abilities and open your Far Cry 5 safes.

What Are the Benefits of Learning Lockpicking Skills?

Lots of benefits come with the lockpicking skills. You will get to know about them in detail right here. It will inspire you to use lockpicking abilities more frequently to unlock safes. Check out the bullet points on the benefits of learning lockpicking skills.

  • Get easy access to safes and locked doors.
  • Collect valuable loot from the Far Cry 5 safes without any noise.
  • When you don’t have safe keys, you can use lockpicking skills.
  • Lockpicking unlocks safes faster than Repair Torch.

far cry 5 lockpick perk

Valuable Items for Opening Safe Locks

Opening safe locks can be done with many items. You will get to know about some of them right here. All these valuable items shared here can be used to open safe locks in Far Cry 5.

1. Repair Torch

The repair torch stands out as a valuable item for opening safe locks. You need to equip the repair torch on the safe and fire it by clicking the fire button. The safe defense will be melted and reveal the treasures inside.

2. Key Card

Key Cards are also often used to unlock safes. They are available in four distinct colors—yellow, red, green, and blue. You can use a key card multiple times to unlock safes in Far Cry 5.

3. Resistance Meter

The resistance meter shows the resistance level of the safe. A low mark in the resistance meter means the safe is vulnerable. Based on the resistance meter, you can choose the right tool to unlock your Far Cry 5 safe.


How to Open Safe with Repair Torch?

Repair Torch is often used to crack open a safe. You need to know the simple process of using a repair torch to open a safe in Far Cry 5.

  • First, hold Q to open the utility items menu. After that, you need to press E to select the repair torch.
  • When you have the torch, get close to the targeted safe. In the next step, you need to place the repair torch close to the safe.
  • After that, click the fire button and the repair torch will open the safe for you. Start collecting valuable resources from the open safe.

How to Open Safe with Repair Torch?

How To Open Safes in Far Cry New Dawn?

Far Cry New Dawn brings back the Hope County theme. You can use explosives to open the safe wide open in Far Cry 5.

Alternatively, you can earn three repair perks and unlock the repair torch. This tool is often used to breach safes in Far Cry 5.

You can also use lockpicking to unlock safes. Besides, most of the safes in Far Cry New Dawn safes have keys near them.

Just collect the safe keys and open them without any hassle. Your game situation will determine which method you will use to open safes in Far Cry New Dawn.

How to Open a Safe Without a Lockpick?

Opening a safe without a lockpick can be a bit challenging. You need to look for alternative methods at this time. A step-by-step way to unlock a safe without a lockpick is shared below. Let’s have a look at them and follow accordingly.

  • Step-1: Look for keys or any other valuable tools beside the locked safe.
  • Step-2: You can also place explosives near the safe and open the Far Cry 5 safes.
  • Step-3: If nothing works out, you need to try out locking skill.
  • Step-4: Safe is now open with your chosen method. Start collecting valuable loot from the safe.

How to Use Safes?

Far Cry 5 safes have lots of use in the gameplay. You need to make a strategic decision on your collected items from the safe.

But it is not always easy to open a safe without the right tips. Make use of explosives, lockpicking skills, or repair a torch to unlock the safe.

You can use safe loot to level up your game character. Besides, you can also collect weapons to build up a strong arsenal for fighting enemies ahead.

More resources mean more things to hold on to when you are in a tough situation in Far Cry 5 gameplay.

Valuable Loot Inside Safes

Far Cry 5 safes offer valuable treasure for you. You need to have a clear idea of what kind of valuable loot you may find inside a safe.

Far Cry 5 safes are scattered throughout the game so that you can collect additional resources and progress further on the storyline.

  • Cash: A common reward found within safes. You can use them to acquire various essential items.
  • Weapons & Ammunition: You will often find firearms inside these safe vaults.
  • Gear & Supplies: Some rear safes also offer gear and essential supplies like first aid kits and explosives.

far cry 5 open safe with dynamite

Finding and Completing Treasure Hunts for Unlocking Safes

You can discover Far Cry 5 safes in buildings, outposts, and prepper stashes. They come with a promise of hidden riches and challenges.

Treasure hunters need to rig the safe with different tools. You can use remote explosives to safely obtain the loot within the safes.

You already know about the lockpicking and repair torch method. Once you have the safe open, you are ready to collect the valuables inside the safe and use them to level up in the gameplay.

You will always need to find and unlock secure safes to process in the Far Cry 5.


I hope you already know how to open safes in Far Cry 5. You are ready to collect more hidden treasures and valuable resources in the gameplay.

Take into use the methods shared here and open your Far Cry 5 safes properly.

More in-game resources will open up new opportunities for you. Progressing in the Far Cry 5 storyline will get easier for you. Keep on opening new safes and double the excitement of your gaming hours.

Keep coming back for more updates shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find safes?

Safes in Far Cry 5 are scattered throughout the game world. Look for them in various locations like buildings, outposts, prepper stashes, and other points of interest. Exploration is the key to discovering these hidden vaults.

Where is the Golden Lions safe?

There is no safe in Far Cry 5. But you will find a secret safe in Laurel Residence, Nick’s House, and Baron Lumber Mill. Besides, you will also find a highly secure safe at a secret bunker at the Armstrong Residence in John’s Region.

How to Lockpick Doors?

You need to invest skill points in lockpicking to lockpick doors. When near a locked door, press the lockpicking skill. Follow the on-screen guide and unlock the door with a lockpick.

Is Far Cry 5 safe for kids?

Far Cry 5 is rated M (Mature). It indicates that it is not suitable for children under 17. The game storyline comes with intense violence and strong language. You should not play the game if you are under 17.

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