How To Perform Death From Above In Far Cry 5? (Dive Right In)

Death From Above in Far Cry 5 promises a thrilling aerial mission to the gameplay. The challenge requires players to drop bombs from above and eliminate four vehicles. The excitement of the mission lies in the preparation and execution work.

In this article, you will get to know details about how to perform Death From Above in Far Cry 5. Besides, you will also be introduced to the post-mission cleanup procedure. Let’s slide down and get ready to face a new Far Cry 5 challenge.

How To Perform Death From Above In Far Cry 5?

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1. Prepare for the Mission:

You need to make some preparations before you get to know the main procedure of how to perform Death From Above in Far Cry 5.

In this mission, danger lurks from every corner. You need to be prepared for the best outcome. Check out the preparation guidelines and get ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

Find a Plane

First, you need to locate a suitable aircraft for the missions. Head to the hangar and ensure you find a plane equipped with bombs.

In Far Cry 5, The Carmina, Clusterduck, and Wild Goose are the best planes for the Death from Above mission. In particular, The Carmina plane becomes freely accessible during the ‘Air Raid’ story quest.

Stock Up on Ammo and Supplies

No mission is complete without enough supply of ammunition and gear. Before diving into the Death From Above mission, make certain that your arsenal is fully stocked.

Enough supplies and ammo for your selected weapons and gears will make you well-prepared for challenges.

Choose Your Crew Members

In the landscapes of Far Cry 5, choosing the right crew members can be the key to success. Select crew members with the needed skills and abilities.  A well-rounded and skilled crew can provide valuable support during the mission

Select and Equip Your Weapons and Gear

The weapons and gear you carry have a significant impact on your victory. Take your time and choose them wisely. The right weapons and suitable gear will maximize your combat effectiveness and increase your chances of being victorious.

2. Executing the Mission:

You are prepared and ready to execute the Death From Above Far Cry 5 mission. Take a careful approach to become successful on this mission. A step-by-step guide to executing the mission is shared below.

1. Locate the Target Area from the Air

Seat on your chosen plane and survey the landscape for the target area. Scout the ground for potential threats and strategic entry points.

2. Drop Bombs to Clear Out Areas Before Landing

Make use of aircraft firepower by dropping bombs. This advance strike will weaken your treats on the ground. You will have a safer place to execute the Death From Above mission.

3. Land in an Open, Safe Location

Choose an open and safe landing site. Ensure the area is free of immediate threats. It will allow you to initiate your mission without any trouble.

4. Use Stealth Tactics to Take Out Enemies One by One

You should take into account stealth tactics in enemy-infested areas.  Maintain the element of surprise as you progress through the mission objectives.

5. Utilize Cover Fire if Necessary

If your circumstances demand, you can take into use cover fire. Suppress enemy forces to create opportunities for strategic movement and achieve mission objectives.

6. Plane Parking and Bombing Strategy

Park the plane in front of the car garage. Spawn four vehicles and park them tightly around the plane. Once in position, enter the plane and stay parked.

Without moving, press L2 + R2 / LT + RT to drop the bomb. It will complete your Death From Above Far Cry 5 mission.

How To Perform Death From Above In Far Cry 5

3. Post-Mission Cleanup:                                   

As the dust settles, Death From Above post-mission in Far Cry 5 comes in. This is the time to maximize your gains, recover valuable items, and ensure that no loose ends remain. Here’s a guide to properly navigate the post-mission cleanup.

Recover Any Loot or Valuable Items

Before moving forward, conduct a thorough sweep of the mission area to recover any loot or valuable items left behind. This step is essential to maximizing the rewards of your efforts. No resource, weapon, or item of value should be overlooked.

Complete Side Missions That You Missed

Post-mission cleanup offers an excellent opportunity to revisit any side missions you might have missed during the heat of your primary objective. Completing side missions will unlock additional resources, and give you valuable insights into the world of Far Cry 5.

Perk Up

Take a moment to assess your performance after the mission. Make use of the earned perk points to enhance your character’s abilities, and unlock new skills. This will prepare you for future challenges.

What is Death From Above?                       

Death From Above in Far Cry 5 is an achievement for the players. It brings in the challenges of aerial combat. You need to complete the mission by destroying or disabling four vehicles from above using a plane.

At the end, you will earn 15 valuable Far Cry 5 points. The mission gets easier with the right aircraft. The Landsdown Airstrip, Whitetail Mountains is an ideal point for the Death From Above mission.

The mountainous terrain and open skies create a perfect environment for executing precision strikes on ground vehicles. Besides, you will also find a car garage near the location. It will help you to make the necessary preparations and adjustments.


How to Use Death From Above Far Cry 5?

The Death From Above mission has multiple uses in Far Cry 5. You get a boost up in many parts of the game once you complete the mission. The aerial mission offers you a new layer of excitement in the gameplay. Some of the best use of Death From Above in Far Cry 5 is shared below.

  • Death From Above is used to improve your aerial combat skills.
  • The mission also demands precision and strategic thinking which will be helpful in other missions too.
  • Completing of Death From Above mission increases the player’s in-game reputation.
  • You can take into use collected reward points of Death From Above to upgrade your arsenal.
  • Death From Above encourages players to explore the open-world gaming world.

Overview of the Far Cry 5 Game

far cry 5 death from above blood dragon 3

Far Cry 5 was released in 2018. The dynamic game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto. It features a gripping narrative set in the fictional Hope County. This open-world first-person shooter game introduces you to a visually stunning environment.

The gameplay has intense gunfights and free exploration functions. You can traverse the Far Cry 5 landscape on foot or in various vehicles. The freedom of movement adds depth to the open-world concept.

Besides, Far Cry 5 has also brought in customization options to players. You will have closer-quarters combat with charismatic antagonists. The personal confrontation narrative with Lieutenant and Joseph Seed adds extra hype to the gameplay.

You can team up for missions or engage in competitive multiplayer scenarios. Far Cry 5’s arsenal of weapons is vast.  The rich storyline, open-world exploration, and versatile gameplay will keep you engaged in the narrative.


You already know how to perform Death From Above in Far Cry 5. It is an opportunity for you to showcase your aerial skills in the gameplay. I have already shared with you the right planes for the mission.

Get prepared and follow the execution plan as stated above. Also, share the strategy with your gaming partners and help them to complete the mission. Let us know what else you want us to cover next. Keep coming back for more updates shortly.


How do you destroy 4 vehicles at once in Far Cry 5?

Death From Above in Far Cry 5 asks you to acquire a bomb-equipped plane. After that, you need to fly to a Garage and spawn 4 vehicles. Position them closely with the plane and get back to your airplane. Drop the bomb to destroy 4 vehicles at once in Far Cry 5.

Can you call in vehicles in Far Cry 5?        

In Far Cry 5, you can call in vehicles by using the in-game vehicle shops. Bring up your Weapons Wheel and select “Call Vehicle” at the bottom of the wheel to access the vehicle. You can also change which vehicle will be called by opening the in-game menu.

Where is death from below kills in Far Cry 5?

Death from below kills in Far Cry 5 can be performed by sneaking up on an enemy standing on an elevated platform (motor home or flatbed). You can take this move into use to eliminate enemies silently.

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