The Easiest Way To Pet Boomer In Far Cry 5 (Bonus Tricks!)

Boomer is a regional dog champion in the game. You can pet the boomer in Far Cry 5 by completing a simple mission. It can be a starting point of a lovely bond between you and the boomer in the gameplay.

Let’s have a look at the step-by-step guide to pet the Boomer.

Step 1: Locate The Boomer

Boomer is in the confinement of Cultists. You will find it on Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm. Follow the location indicator on the map and start the process of petting Boomer.

Step 2: Rescue Mission

Cultists are at guard beside the Boomer’s cage. You need to take down each one of them. Otherwise, the dog will not come out of the cage. They are the first and main threat that you need to face in this mission.

Step 3: Open The Cage

You have taken down all the cultists. It is time to approach the cage door and unlock it. You need to be prepared because the Boomer will be hostile at first.

Step 4: Kill & Revive Boomer

Boomer will not be your pet immediately after you have liberated it. You need to kill and revive to pet the Boomer in Far Cry 5. Without the violence, you will not be able to tame down the regional dog champion.

Step 5: Pet Commands Unlocked

Once you have revived the Boomer, a pet command section will be unlocked. Now, you can pet the Boomer in Far Cry 5 and make it a great companion on your gameplay journey.

How To Pet Boomer Peacefully?

How to pet Boomer in Far Cry 5 question has no answer of peaceful process. As you already know, you need to face multiple cultists and eliminate them all. Once the cultists are down, you can approach the Boomer cage. Violence against pet boomers does not end here.

After that, you need to kill the boomer and revive it. Once Boomer is revived, you can start the peaceful petting process.

Act to the pet command and boomer will be at your command. It is the only available peaceful or not-so-peaceful way to pet a Boomer in Far Cry 5.

How To Find And Interact With Boomer In-Game?

how to pet boomer in far cry 5

You will first get into Boomer’s storyline with the “Man’s Best Friend” mission. Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm in Holland Valley is in John’s Region. There you will find the captivated boomer. He is also known as the “good boy” in the game.

You can also follow the quest marker on the map to locate the Boomer. Go to the precise spot to find and interact with Boomer.

You have the mission to free the Boomer from the cage after killing all the cultists. It is just the beginning of a long companionship in Far Cry 5.

What To Do If Boomer Is Hostile?

Boomer often gets hostile, particularly around Nellis. It can also happen in other places due to potential bug issues. If Boomer unexpectedly gets hostile, you can attempt to reset faction relations to defuse the situation.

Besides, Boomer may also enter attack mode because of accidental hits from other characters. A quick fix can be switching to a hired gun and then back to Boomer.

Yuck Ichigai’s unofficial patch can also solve the problem for you. Try these methods and calm down your hostile dog.

What To Do If Boomer Is Scared Or Aggressive?

far cry 5 boomer stuck in cage

If Boomer is scared or aggressive in Far Cry 5, you need to take some measures to avoid these kinds of situations. Resetting faction relations can be a practical solution. Try to avoid any hits from game characters when walking with the boomer.

Tactical players will find Boomer’s aggressive behavior very bad for their gameplay. You can try a beating if your boomer seems to be still at unease.

It is better to drop Boomer as a companion if it seems to continue the aggressive behavior without any reason.

Boomer’s Health And Well-Being

Boomer is an asset for you in Far Cry 5. The Far Cry dog serves as your enemy tagger. It has the skill to point threats nearby.

Besides, the retriever’s capabilities also allow the dog to fetch weapons for you. So, you need to take proper care of Boomer’s health and well-being.

Usually, Boomers don’t require manual feeding. He automatically consumes dog food when left on the ground. This automated process simplifies your responsibilities and allows you to focus on the Far Cry 5 quest.

If the Boomer gets injured, you have the option to take him to the vet for healing. It will help you to create a bond with your pet in the gameplay and show your care for him. That’s all you need to do for your pet Boomer’s well-being.

Boomer’s Relationship With Other Characters In The Game

Boomer in Far Cry 5 has a complete storyline on the gameplay. You need to know about them and help connect more with the dog.

Let’s have a look at some characters that Boomer has a relationship with.

  • John Seed: John Seed desires to capture Boomer and deliver to his brother Jacob Seed. It adds a layer to Boomer’s role in the game.
  • Dani Rojas: In Far Cry 6, Boomer makes a cameo appearance. He has been named as Boom-Boom by Dani Rojas. Boomer was found in a shipping container while Dani was on a quest. The dog is one of the three fangs in Far Cry.
  • Dutch: He has deported Boomer to Deputy. Because the previous owner was killed by cultists known as Peggies.
  • Hunk: Hunk sends Boomer to Yara for a better life in Far Cry 6. Boomer seems to impact the lives of characters across different Far Cry universes.

How Do You Get Free Boomer At The Pumpkin Farm?

Boomer at the pumpkin farm in Far Cry needs to be free with force. As the story mission says, Boomer is caged at the pumpkin farm. You need to deal with the cultists and eliminate them to free Boomer at the pumpkin farm.

Once the area is clear, you are ready to set the boomer free. You don’t need to pay anything to rescue and get the boomer at the Pumpkin Farm. Take down the crazy peggies and have the pet boomer for free.

What Can Boomer Do?

A pet Boomer has a lot of skills to help you in your Far Cry 5 journey.

First, the adorable animals can be used as a skilled distraction.

It will divert the attention of enemies and provide you with a tactical advantage during intense combat situations.

Besides, it also can collect dropped weapons on the battlefield. Tagging enemies will also be a vital skill of Boomer in the gameplay. So, Boomer is not only a loyal animal friend but also a partner in your fight against antagonists.

What Can’t Boomer Do?

can boomer ride in vehicles

Boomer Far Cry 5 can give you a lot of service on the battlefield. But Boomer can’t do everything for you. You will find Boomer’s skill useless in many scenarios. Things that Boomer can’t do are shared below.

  • Boomer can’t stand against enemy fire or powerful attacks.
  • One notable limitation is Boomer’s inability to distinguish between friend and foe gunfire.
  • Boomer’s enemy tagging ability is also limited. Tagging will not work beyond walls and buildings.
  • One of the most frustrating things about Boomer is that it can’t ride on vehicles.

What Are Boomer’s Skills?

You have a complete idea about how to pet Boomer in Far Cry 5. But why do you need a Boomer in the first place? Well, Boomer’s skills will clear out why you would need him on your Far Cry quest.

Let’s have a look at some of them.


Boomer can automatically tag all nearby enemies. It can be a game-changer for many players. It will highlight the threat for you and you can make attacking strategies accordingly.


Boomer’s retriever skill is very handy. In the heat of battle, he can collect dropped weapons from enemies. It will help you to have a steady extra supply of arms throughout the game.


Boomer has takedown skills in Far Cry 5. It can help you to take down certain enemies. Boomer can be a lethal weapon for you when you are fighting with a small badge of enemies.

Thick Coat

Boomers with a thick seasonal coat can take more damage during hostile encounters. This skill will increase Boomer’s effectiveness in combat. Boomers will not get easily injured when they have a thicker coat.

Can’t Pet Boomer In Far Cry 5?

can't pet boomer far cry 5

You need to follow some unusual steps to pet Boomer in Far Cry 5.

First, you must kill and then revive the loyal pet. This is the only known method within the game.

There is no other way to pet Boomer. Besides, if you have a single cultist left in the area, then the boomer can’t be petted.

It is like a ritual in the game to kill and pet the boomer. You can call it a fresh start of bonding between you and the Boomer. If you try any other way, you may fail to pet the Far Cry 5 boomer stuck in the cage.


  • Reload your save: Sometimes reloading can reset any glitches that hampered the interaction.
  • Restart the game: Restart can solve the temporary issues.
  • Verify game files: Check if there are any corrupted files located on your platform’s launcher.
  • Update the game: It can happen due to the old version. Make sure you are playing the latest version of the game.
  • Check for distractions: Try to clear the area of anything that might be grabbing his attention.
  • Revisit the cage: Sometimes returning to the cage where you found the boomer may fix the issue.

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You already know how to pet Boomer in Far Cry 5. Besides, I also tried to show you what a Boomer can do and don’t on the gameplay. The process of petting Boomer in Far Cry 5 will add a unique experience to your gameplay.

Killing and reviving to pet the Boomer is part of the game’s narrative. It may make the bond between the player and Boomer stronger for some of you.

Free the Boomer from the cultists and have a new companion throughout the challenges of Hope County.


Does Boomer Survive Far Cry 5?

Yes, Boomer survives Far Cry 5. But, Boomer sadly passes away in Far Cry New Dawn. He has a dedicated grave in this season. Again, Boomer makes a return in Far Cry 6 as Boom Boom.

Can Boomer Ride In Vehicles?

No, Boomer in Far Cry 5 cannot ride in vehicles. This limitation can be frustrating for players who prefer vehicular transportation. You need to travel on foot when you have Boomer by your side.

What Dog Is Boomer?

The specific breed of Boomer is not disclosed in Far Cry 5. But the blue speckled coat and medium size suggest characteristics of an Australian Cattle Dog. There is no official information about it.

What Happened To Boomer After Far Cry 5?

Far Cry New Dawn comes after 17 years of Far Cry 5. The Boomer is no more and has a grave in the Lamb of God Church (F.A.N.G Center). However, Boomer makes a return in Far Cry 6, where players can recruit him as an amigo.

What Happens If Boomer Dies?

Boomer in Far Cry 5 can be injured, but there is no permanent death. You can take into use a medkit to revive the loyal companion. It will ensure that Boomer continues to be your animal companion on the Far Cry quest.

How Do I Take Boomer In The Car?

Boomer does not possess the ability to ride in vehicles. Other wild animal companions are also limited to traveling on foot except Timber. Unfortunately, you must navigate the terrain by walking when accompanied by Boomer.

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