**How To Use Wingsuit in Far Cry 5 Like a Pro (Secret Tips!)**

If you wish to fly through the sky of Far Cry 5, you need to know how to use wingsuit in Far Cry 5. It will help you to explore the open gaming world at ease. Far Cry 5 is not so fun until you learn how to fly through the sky.

So, get to know how to use the wingsuit Far Cry 5.

1. Unlock the Wingsuit

Before taking a flight, you need to unlock the Wingsuit perk by spending 4 perk points. You won’t be able to access the wingsuit until you get the perk needed. After that, a wingsuit will be available for you.

2. Launching into the Skies

Find a high point to leap from the sky. The higher the jump, the more airtime you will have with the wingsuit. Short-height jumps with wingsuits can end up bad for the gaming character.

3. Control Wingsuit

  • PC: Press ‘Shift’ to activate the Wingsuit. Navigate with ‘D’ to move right, ‘S’ to descend, and click ‘Space Bar’ to deploy.
  • PlayStation: Use the left stick to control movement and the right stick to survey the surroundings. Press ‘Square’ to deploy the parachute when nearing the ground for a safe landing.
  • Xbox: Activate the Wingsuit with the ‘X’ button. Use the left stick for directional movement and the right stick to adjust your viewpoint.

How To Use Wingsuit in Far Cry 5

Tips And Tricks: Useful Tips For Using Wingsuit In Far Cry 5

  • Wingsuit in Far Cry 5 opens up a world of possibilities. But you need to know the right ways to make the most out of your flight time. Take a look at some invaluable tips and tricks to enhance your Wingsuit experience.
  • Learn precise control of the wingsuit and improve your landing accuracy.
  • Use the right stick to maintain awareness of your surroundings.
  • Maximize your aerial distance by deploying the parachute at high altitudes and transitioning seamlessly into Wingsuit glides.
  • Invest in the Squirrel Suit perk to reduce Wingsuit fall damage.

How To Get Wingsuit Far Cry 5?

Wingsuit Far Cry 5 brings an aerial adventure option for you. It is pretty simple to get Wingsuit in Far Cry 5. Besides, it is essential for completing various missions in the gameplay. The whole process is shown in detail down below.

  1. Access the Perk Menu: Pause the game and navigate to the perk menu. This can be found in the game’s inventory section.
  2. Locate the “Skydiving” Perk Category: Within the perk menu, scroll or navigate to the “Skydiving” perk category. This category is where you’ll find perks related to aerial mobility.
  3. Find the Wingsuit Perk: Look for the Wingsuit Perk icon. It is located beside the parachute perk. The Wingsuit icon is recognizable by the silhouette sign.
  4. Unlock the Perk: Once you’ve located the Wingsuit perk, you need to have enough perk points available. The Wingsuit perk costs 4 perk points to unlock.
  5. Confirm and Equip: Spend the required perk points to unlock the Wingsuit perk. Upon confirmation, you’ll receive immediate access to the Wingsuit.
  6. Ready for Flight: With the Wingsuit perk unlocked and equipped, you’re now ready to take to the skies. Simply find a high point, and activate your Wingsuit to experience the free flight in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 Wingsuit Not Working

far cry 5 wingsuit not working

Sometimes, you may face the Far Cry 5 wingsuit not working issue in Far Cry 5. You need to have a clear idea about them and how to troubleshoot the Far Cry 5 Wingsuit issues. Let’s take a closer look. 

1. Perk Not Purchased

Make sure that you have unlocked the Wingsuit perk in the game’s perk menu. Without this essential upgrade, you won’t be able to access the Wingsuit functionality. Invest 4 perk points to unlock the Wingsuit and soar through the skies.

2. Not Jumping from a Decent Height

The Wingsuit requires a sufficient altitude to deploy effectively. Make sure you’re leaping from a high point to have enough airtime. Attempting to activate the Wingsuit from low altitudes may fail to deploy.

3. Pressing the Wrong Button

Check your controls to ensure you’re pressing the correct button to activate the Wingsuit. On a PC, it’s typically the Shift key. On consoles, it is usually a designated button like X or Square. Pressing the wrong button can lead to the Wingsuit not activating as intended.

4. Glitch or Bug

If none of the above solutions seem to resolve the issue, you may be encountering a glitch or bug in the game. Try restarting the game or reloading from a previous save to see if the problem persists. If the issue continues, consider reaching out to the game’s support team for further assistance.

5.Wingsuit Menu Not Activated

You need to activate the Wingsuit menu from the game setting. Sometimes, toggling certain options can disable specific features. Check the settings menu and verify that the Wingsuit functionality is enabled.

Far Cry 5 Wingsuit Controls Keyboard

Far Cry 5 has a pretty straightforward wingsuit control keyboard. Any beginner can learn the controls within a few seconds. The whole control function Far Cry 5 wingsuit is shared underneath for you.

  • Left: Press ‘A’ to steer left.
  • Right: Use ‘D’ to steer right.
  • Forward: Push ‘W’ to soar forward.
  • Backward: Press ‘S’ to slow down or move backward.
  • Roll Left: Execute a graceful roll to the left by tapping ‘Q’.
  • Roll Right: Perform a smooth roll to the right with ‘E’.
  • Deploy/Exit: Press the ‘Spacebar’ or ‘Enter’ to deploy/exit.
  • Boost: Gain a burst of speed by holding ‘Shift’.

How To Steer Wingsuit Far Cry 5?

Steering Wingsuit in Far Cry 5 depends on your target location and the way you want to enjoy the flight time. Your wingsuit steering skill will improve with time as you use the feature more often. The right way to steer the wingsuit of Far Cry 5 is shared below for you. 

1. Utilize the Sticks

On console controllers, use the left stick to control your direction and the right stick to adjust your viewpoint. This allows for precise control over your flight path and orientation. The same thing is true for the PC Far Cry 5 gamers.

2. Pitch Up for Altitude

Pull back on the left stick or tilt it upwards to gain altitude and soar higher into the sky. This upward-pitch movement helps you climb to greater heights.

3. Dive for Speed

Push forward on the left stick or tilt it downwards to pick up speed and descend rapidly. This diving motion increases your velocity and allows you to cover more ground in less time.

4. Deploy and Exit

When ready to land or switch to a different mode of transportation, deploy your parachute by pressing the designated button. This action allows for a safe wingsuit landing from the skies.

5. Experiment with Controls

Feel free to experiment with different steering techniques to find what works best for you. Adjust your control inputs to suit your flying style and preferences.

6. Aim for Specific Regions

Use your newfound wingsuit steering skills to aim for specific regions on the map. It will allow you to reach your destination with precision and style. You no longer need to face travel in landing at your target location in Far Cry 5.

Explore The World Of Wingsuit Far Cry 5: From The Sky, The Land And The Sea

how to use wingsuit far cry 5 ps4

Wingsuit Far Cry 5 gives you a new way to explore the open gaming world. You can use it to fly like a bird in the gameplay. Glide effortlessly over mountains, forests, and rivers. Use the Wingsuit and seamlessly transit from sky to land or even sea.

Wingsuit is a fun mode of transportation in Far Cry 5. Enjoy stunning aerial views of Far Cry 5’s diverse terrain using a wingsuit and parachute. It is a new way to explore the land and sea of Far Cry 5. Besides, you can also use it for your mission advantage if needed.

The Enemies You’ll Encounter In Far Cry 5’s Wingsuit Mode: Prepare For A Challenge

As you take to the skies in Far Cry 5’s Wingsuit mode, you need to be prepared to encounter a variety of challenges from hostile mobs below. Cultists may attack you with heavy gunfire. Besides, you also may land in a wildlife territory and face animal aggression.

Wingsuit mode in Far Cry 5 will bring in elements of surprise for you. But you can also use Wingsuit to take down enemies. Try to become skilled and precise in your wingsuit maneuver and face the enemies that are lurking on the ground.  

The Missions In Far Cry 5’s Wingsuit Mode: Find Your Way Through An Exotic Locale

There is no dedicated mission for Far Cry 5 wingsuit mode. But you need to use a wingsuit for completing certain parts of some missions. Besides, wingsuit mode can also help you to complete a mission faster. Some of the missions in Far Cry’s Wingsuit mode are pointed down below.  

1. Clutch Nixon Mission

You need to fly through air-suspended rings in the Clutch Nixon mission. Here, you can use the wingsuit for altitude and speed. It will bring a thrilling test of aerial challenges for you in Far Cry 5.

2. Radio Silence Mission

The wingsuit can be a way of silent bypass on the Radio Silence mission. Jump from a high point using a wingsuit and take down the guards without making any sound. It will help you to complete the mission successfully.

Achievements/Trophies In Far Cry 5’s Wingsuit Mode: Earn Rewards For Completing Objectives

Far Cry 5 wingsuit mode has lots of achievements and trophies in play. It will encourage you to engage more with the gameplay and try open wingsuit mode. Some of the common achievements/trophies in Far Cry 5’s wingsuit mode are pointed down below.   

  • Like a Bird Achievement/Icarus Award Trophy: Fly through the skies and travel a total of 10,000 meters in Wingsuit mode. This achievement/trophy rewards you for traveling in Hope County through a bird’s-eye view.
  • Wing It Achievement/Flying Colors Trophy: Test your skills in the Clutch Nixon stunt challenges and earn a gold ranking. Achieving perfection in this mission shows your Wingsuit flight skill and helps you earn a prestigious achievement/trophy.
  • John Wick Achievement/Killer Trophy: You need to eliminate 100 enemies while playing in Wingsuit mode. This achievement/trophy recognizes your lethal efficiency in aerial combat.

How To Get Started With Far Cry 5’s Wingsuit Mode: Learn The Basics Before Jumping Into Action

far cry 5 wingsuit controls keyboard

You need to familiarize yourself with the basics before taking to the skies in Far Cry 5 Wingsuit mode. In this way, you will always stay away from danger. Let’s get to know how to get started with Wingsuit Mode in the gameplay.

  1. Progress in the Game: Unlock the Wingsuit mode by progressing through the story. You need to reach the “Jacob’s Wrath” region.
  2. Unlock the Wingsuit Perk: Spend 4 perk points to unlock the Wingsuit Perk in the game’s perk menu. You won’t be able to access the Wingsuit functionality without this.
  3. Find a High Ground: Locate a high mountain, tower, or building to jump from. The higher the elevation, the more airtime you will have to glide through the skies.
  4. Deploy the Wingsuit: Once you’ve found a suitable launching point, deploy your Wingsuit and take the leaps of faith. Feel the rush of wind as you soar through the air, and explore the diverse landscape of Hope County.
  5. Practice: Experiment with the controls to steer, ascend, and descend while in flight. Wingsuit navigation will allow you to travel through the terrain with ease and precision.


You are at the end. I hope you already know how to use a wingsuit in Far Cry 5. Besides, I also tried to show you the unlocking process of the wingsuit perk and the missions that are associated with it. Make the right use of the wingsuit and increase the fun of the game.

Glide through the vast land and water areas at ease with a wingsuit in Far Cry 5. But you should also know the right use of it. Otherwise, things can get way tougher for you. Stay with us for more updates shortly.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Far Cry 5 Have A Wingsuit?

Yes, Far Cry 5 does feature a Wingsuit. This flight suit allows you to fly long distances and explore the vast landscapes of Hope County. It becomes available after completing Jacob’s mission.

How Safe Is Wingsuit Flying?

Wingsuit flying is relatively safe in Far Cry 5. Players will not die from a Wingsuit crash. However, it’s not without risk because you can sustain damage from a false landing.

You need to know the right maneuver of the Far Cry 5 wingsuit for a successful adventure.

Is It Hard To Use A Wingsuit?

Wingsuit in Far Cry 5 is not particularly difficult to use. It offers a fun and exciting gameplay experience.

Deployment, navigation, and landing follow a basic control structure. Control of the wingsuit in Far Cry 5 will improve with time.

How Do You Use The Wingsuit Clutch Nixon In Far Cry 5?

You can use the wingsuit Clutch Nixon in Far Cry 5 to fly through rings suspended in the air. Use the Wingsuit in this mission and make it easier to complete the challenges.

Get precise control over wingsuit control and complete the mission in no time.

How Do You Open The Wingsuit In Far Cry 5 PS4?

Simply press the Square button to open the Wingsuit in Far Cry 5 PS4. Once deployed, control your flight path using the left stick on the controller.

Use the console left stick to steer left, right, ascend, or descend. Practice often and become a skillful flyer.

Are Wingsuits Expensive?

Wingsuits in Far Cry 5 are relatively affordable. It costs 4 perk points to unlock. Compared to other perks in the game, this falls within the medium range of cost. You must invest this much to use a wingsuit in Far Cry 5.

Are Wingsuits Safer Than Parachutes?

Wingsuits and parachutes offer different levels of safety in Far Cry 5. Both are used for aerial navigation but wingsuits provide less altitude gain compared to parachutes.

However, wingsuits require more precise control and skill to ensure a safe landing.

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