Learn How to Save Far Cry 5 (Never Lose Your Progress Again!)

For peace of mind, manually save your progress anytime by clicking the Save option in the pause menu. The game also autosaves regularly, so you’ll never lose too much progress.

You need to know the proper way how to save in Far Cry 5. Otherwise, you will not be able to play your previous game progress further. You have two saving options in Far Cry 5 – Manual and Automatic.

More about it is shared below.

1. Manual Saves

The manual approach is an open-saving option in Far Cry 5. You can save the game manually at any point. This will allow you to save multiple gaming files.

Besides, you can also use the storage of the device and save game progress outside the in-game system.

2. AutoSave

Far Cry 5 autosave feature automatically updates your progress after each significant in-game accomplishment. It keeps a continuous record of your journey. But be mindful because there is only one autosave slot available.

How to Save Far Cry 5

How To Save Your Progress In Far Cry 5?

The Far Cry 5 gaming world is vast. You need to save your progress in Far Cry 5 for a seamless gaming experience. Autosave happens automatically and has only one slot.

So, I am going to talk about how to save your progress in Far Cry 5 manually.

1. Save Far Cry 5 on PC:

  1. Press the “/” button on your keyboard to access the menu.
  2. Look for the “Save Game” option and click on the corresponding box.
  3. A series of dots will appear, and signal saving progress. 
  4. Save your game to a preferred location on your PC.

2. Save Far Cry 5 on Xbox One and Xbox:

  1.  Click the ‘Start’ button on your controller to access the option menu.
  2. Navigate to the “Save Game” option within the menu.
  3. Confirm your selection to trigger the saving process.

3. Save Far Cry 5 on PS4:

  1. Press the “Options” button on your Dualshock 4 controller.
  2. Look for the “Save Game” option within the menu.
  3. Confirm your choice to commence the saving procedure.

How To Save Boomer Far Cry 5?

Boomer can be a loyal companion in Far Cry 5. Saving Boomer in Far Cry 5 is part of the game storyline. You don’t need to worry about separately saving Boomer. It is automatically recorded along with the overall game progress.

During the mission at Rae-Rae’s farm, you must eliminate the antagonists to save Boomer.  Once the cultists are gone, you can claim Boomer as your pet.

Boomer’s abilities and companionship make him an invaluable asset in the fight against the cult in Hope County.

How To Save Hudson Far Cry 5?

Saving Deputy Hudson in Far Cry 5 is an important part of the storyline. You can accomplish this by reaching Resistance Level 4 in John’s Region. The mission to save Hudson is called “The Quality Of Mercy”.

You must complete this mission to liberate the Holland Valley and free Deputy Joey Hudson. Head to John’s bunker, and confront the enemies.

Eliminate the threat to secure Hudson’s freedom. That’s the way to save Hudson Far Cry 5.

How To Save Eli Far Cry 5?

does far cry 5 save automatically

Eli Palmer is the leader of the Whitetail Militia. Unfortunately, she meets an unavoidable fate as part of the game’s narrative.

Players develop a close bond with Eli throughout the storyline as they work together to free the region from John Seed’s control.

However, John Seed’s manipulative influence over Eli’s mind results in a tragic end. Attempting to save Eli during the mission would disrupt the game’s progression and prevent the completion of the narrative arc.

There is no way to save Eli Far Cry 5 if you wish to progress further in the gameplay.

How To Save Vehicles Far Cry 5?

You can save vehicles for future use in Far Cry 5. It is a reliable mode of transportation across the landscapes of Hope County. If you come across a vehicle you would like to save, look for a Vehicle Pickup point nearby.

These points serve as designated locations to save your chosen vehicle. Get close to the Vehicle Pickup point and store the car or truck right here. You have successfully saved the vehicle and you can use it in the future.

Far Cry 5 Save Editor

There is an option to save your Far Cry 5 progress. Far Cry 5 save editor works with a mod version. Download the Resistance mod from Nexus to unlock the customizable options.

The mod grants access to all weapons and unlocks features like rain, cars, and challenges.

Editing Far Cry 5 save files becomes easy with this mod. You can use it to tweak challenges and acquire weapons. Those who are looking to enjoy Far Cry 5 in a new way can use the Resistance mod from Nexus and enjoy the fun.

Far Cry 5 Save Location

how to save far cry 5 xbox one

You need to know the Far Cry 5 save location. Otherwise, how will you access the save location if needed? I am going to share with you where the Far Cry 5 game is saved on different platforms.

Let’s have a look.

  • PC – C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\<Unique ID>\1803
  • Playstation 4 – Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data In System Storage > Far Cry 5
  • Xbox One – My Games and Apps > Far Cry 5 > Menu > Manage Game > Saved Data

Far Cry 5 Manual Save Not Working

It is a frustrating situation when you experience that Far Cry 5 manual save not working. You are at risk of losing the progress of your game. Several factors can cause this problem for you.

Let’s check out the reasons why you are facing Far Cry 5 manual save issues.

1. Glitches & Missed Saves

Glitches or bugs can prevent the game from saving progress between missions. It can also happen to some of you. Far Cry 5 often brings in new upgrades to solve the glitch issues in the game. There is nothing much for you to do here.

2. Overriding The Old File

You have started a new game after the manual save of the previous save. After playing a few times, you are again manually saving the Far Cry 5 game.

Here, you need to make sure you are not overwriting the old saved file. Try to change the name of the new file.  

3. Cloud Saving Problem

Issues with the Cloud Save feature can disrupt manual save functionality. You can simply close the game and re-enable this feature. It might help resolve the problem and you will be able to manually save Far Cry 5 again.

Why Is There No Save Option In Far Cry 5?

far cry 5 manual save not working

Far Cry 5 has an autosave option. It eliminates the need for continuous manual save in Far Cry 5.  You will see three dots in the lower right corner of the screen during gameplay. It indicates that your game is being saved right now.

Once the save is done, you can exit the game and return where you have left the game previously without any need for manual save.

Manual saving is an alternative option. But most of the Far Cry 5 players enjoy the progress of their game with autosave.


You already know how to save in Far Cry 5. Besides, I also tried to share with you the manual Far Cry 5 save option. If you are just going forward with a single game then there is no need for manual save.

But if you want to enjoy Far Cry 5 with multiple progress games, then you need the Far Cry 5 manual save option.

Use the Far Cry 5 manual save option according to your gameplay demand. Enjoy Far Cry 5 open-world in as many ways as possible.

Let us know what else you want us to cover next. Keep coming back for more details shortly.              

Frequently Asked Questions on Far Cry 4 Saving 

Does Far Cry 5 Save Automatically?

Yes, Far Cry 5 has an automatic save option. Game progress is saved automatically after significant milestones, missions, or accomplishments.

The autosave function makes sure that you don’t lose your hard-earned progress in the gameplay.

Where Is Far Cry 5 Save Game Location?                                            

The location of Far Cry 5 Save Game files varies across platforms.

  • On PC, you can typically find them in the game’s installation directory.
  • For PS4, check the system storage settings, and navigate to the game management menu for Xbox One.

It is important to know about them to keep manual backups.

Does Far Cry Autosave?

Yes, Far Cry 5 includes an autosave feature. The game automatically saves your progress at certain points. In this way, your Far Cry 5 progress is recorded without manual intervention.

This autosave functionality is designed to provide you with a seamless gaming experience.

How Many Save Files Does Far Cry 5 Have?

Far Cry 5 features a single autosave slot for automatic saving of progress. This limitation encourages you for a careful approach to the open-world gameplay. But you can also manually save the progress of the game.

How Long Does Far Cry 5 Take To 100%?

The time needed to save 100% of the Far Cry 5 game varies. There is an autosave option that will save the progress of the game without bothering you.  Enjoy the Far Cry 5 gameplay without the burden of manual save.

Is Far Cry 5 Cross Save?

Unfortunately, Far Cry 5 does not support cross-save functionality. Players cannot seamlessly transfer their progress between different platforms or versions of the game.

You will not be able to continue the gaming journey seamlessly across multiple devices in Far Cry 5.

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